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Nice AI for next May//June advice please

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Silvertap Wed 24-Aug-16 06:11:14

We had our first AI to Crete this year and despite our reservations we loved it. We want to go again but would like somewhere that actually has a 2 bed apt - some we've looked at just have a low partition wall.

We'd like;
On a beach
Preferably an island or Greece
Kids club for a 2 year old & a 4 year old
Possibility to upgrade to a larger room.

Any suggestions please?

mouldycheesefan Thu 25-Aug-16 13:13:02

I think sensatori have a resort in Crete.
Ikos Olivia in halkidiki also gets good comments on here.
Porto sani does as well, also halkidiki.
Check as not all kids clubs take 2 year olds, many start at 4. You probably want a crèche.

Silvertap Thu 25-Aug-16 19:57:59

Thanks. Had a look at those and they look amazing. But out of our price range though!

Move2yorkshire Thu 25-Aug-16 20:00:39

We have recently been to ikos Olivia and for me it was worth the price. We upgraded to a 2 bedroom bungalow with private pool and felt the food was much better than at other all inclusive resorts

Silvertap Thu 25-Aug-16 21:00:38

I couldn't see next years prices on their website & a week this September to give me a rough idea came on at 9k!!!!

Move2yorkshire Thu 25-Aug-16 21:10:04

I have looked into going again next May and with sovereign it seems to be about 4000 for a week for 2 adults 1 child

Silvertap Thu 25-Aug-16 21:13:48

Hmmm. I may need to adjust our budget expectations. We got 4 of us (admittedly one under 2) for AI to a Thomson family life hotel for £1250 June just gone. We were amazed at how good it was. I figured this year dd will be 2 + I know that was a bargain =2k minimum. If I added a bit on for something nice I was thinking more 2.5k!

silver did you go to the Family life Creta Paradise by any chance?

Silvertap Thu 25-Aug-16 21:20:05

Yes I did English!

Oh I love that hotel, one of my favourites - we had a swim up suite there last May and loved it! Ok, if you liked it there I can suggest a few others to look at - Family life Aegean Blue Rhodes, Family Life Marmari Kos, Atlantica Mikri Poli, Portobello Beach or Porto Bello Royal Kos, Holiday Village Rhodes or Kos, Magic Life Rhodes or Kos, Eleon Grand Zante (all Atlantica Hotels - I'm a fan)!

If you can live without the operator run clubs I'd also look at Princess Andriana in Rhodes and the Grecotel Marina in Crete. I went to the Atlantica Aeneas in Cyprus this year and while I enjoyed it I don't think it was as good as the other hotels in the chain I've been to.

leccybill Thu 25-Aug-16 21:32:29

We were at the Creta Paradise this summer too - fabulous isn't it! Didn't want to come home.
Price has absolutely rocketed for next year though angry

Silvertap Thu 25-Aug-16 21:32:51

Thanks English. That's a fab list. Do you happen to know if the Kos Atlantica one has slides in the kids pools? I can only see pics of massive water slides that would be too big for my 4 yr old.

We loved Creta Paradise - in fact we're worried that nowhere will match it. I was really impressed with the way it was run so I like the idea of trying another Atlantica family life one.

Silvertap Thu 25-Aug-16 21:34:17

Too true leccy. I think I happened to look at the Internet the night they thought "crap, it's 10 weeks till high season and we're empty"!!! It was the first year they were a family life one apparently so maybe they were just testing the waters.

There are some smaller slides at the Portobello Beach but they are working the water park complex. If you can be flexible on dates I've seen some free kids still around on the Aegean Blue and HV Rhodes both are amazing. Another one I've looked at is the Family Life Lagoon Princess in Halkidiki - not Atlantica but getting great reviews. The water park at the Aeneas was perfect for my 4 year old this year. It's not a family life but the Atlantica Princess in Rhodes has a nice little splash park, and the Atlantica Oasis in Cyprus. Another one to check would be Blue Lagoon in Kos.

Loving the Creta Paradise love 😊 Our best family holiday by far. Do they still do the Greek night with the outside bbq? DP really wants to go back next year.

Silvertap Thu 25-Aug-16 21:44:58

Thanks for all those suggestions English - I'll look into them over the weekend.

We didn't see a Greek night but that's possibly because my 2 year old developed a massive Captain t obsession so we had early dinners!

Oh god, I have to put Captain T and the Superdogs on YouTube all the bloody time. Ds sleeps with Thomson & Bamse every night. I think I know every work to that and download @611 😬

leccybill Thu 25-Aug-16 22:18:04

Haha I'm still singing and dancing to download@611 long after getting home so imagine what it must be like for the reps shock
We had a swim-up and I don't think I could go back to no swim-up now, we've spoiled ourselves. Just need to find a trillion pounds for a swim-up in a HV the first fortnight in August.... seriously, it's coming out around £5k, there's only us and 6yo DD.

There's three of us too, next years the first year I have to go in school holidays. I've booked France for August and Morroco for April but might do HV Rhodes or Aegean Blue in October half term. I'm going to hold my nerve for Boxing Day when the next lot of free kids go on I think. Might end up regretting it though!

leccybill Thu 25-Aug-16 22:38:49

Think I'm going to do the same. I actually booked on Boxing Day one year and got a great price.
We didn't book Creta Paradise until March which is late for me but there were child places, good flight times and swim-up rooms available.

We've been to Blue Lagoon Village in Kos which is fabulous but the tiny cramped airport in Kos puts me off a bit.

elvisola Thu 25-Aug-16 22:44:52

We have been to Blue Lagoon Princess in Halkidiki and Blue Lagoon Village in Kos. Both fabulous but preferred the village due to more restaurants and a water park.

Silvertap Fri 26-Aug-16 06:20:11

Oooh, another round of child places. That's interesting, I didn't know there were more.

Usually loaded in April for new season launch, a few more in July for new brochures then again in January. I normally book in January and generally get what I'm after 😊

Silvertap Fri 26-Aug-16 14:24:32

Thanks English that's so helpful!

Makemineacabsauv Fri 26-Aug-16 22:30:50

Look at Mitsis hotels - Greek AI chain. They're fab and have a London office. Can usually do some decent deals. Hotels are amazing.

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