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Forte Dei Marmi in May

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Underparmummy Sun 21-Aug-16 14:04:15

Has anyone done Forte dei marmi in May? Is it enough of a big resort to be fully open by May half term?

Are there any spiagge libere there?

Is it easy to drive, park and do day trips on the bottom part of Cinque Terre from there?

Any other May half term, definite sun, easy with 3 little ones, not much more than 2 hour flight gratefully welcomed!

BeJayKayven Mon 22-Aug-16 20:38:24

It's pretty quiet there in May although most the restaurants etc will be open. The free bit of the beach is a narrow strip iirc. Most hotels and apartments have their own bit of private beach which some include in the cost, others have arrangements with bagni (sp) that give a discount.
You are intrepid to take little ones to Cinque Terre, boat trips are available too.

Look at Caorle (fly to Trieste or Venice) for an alternative, lovely seaside resort with a huge beach etc great for children.

Underparmummy Wed 24-Aug-16 09:33:01

Ok, thanks BeJay - yes, maybe Cinque Terre is for later on! Will look at Caorle. Thanks!

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