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Planning holiday with 1 year old

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Jodiecrossland Wed 17-Aug-16 23:32:47

Hi. I hope someone can help. My partner and I are looking to go on a holiday with our son. He will have just turned 1 at the time we plan to go (in June 2017). Planning in advance because, well, why not?

We have read all tips on travel and what to pack. We are now looking for ideas of good areas/resorts. We would rather it was a short flight (we're located in Glasgow, Scotland), with baby friendly accommodation. We'd also prefer everything was within walking distance to avoid using car seats.

Hope someone can help/recommend and share their experience!

Thank you

Underparmummy Sun 21-Aug-16 14:05:36

We have just got back from Puerto Pollensa in Mallorca with our three youngish (but older than 1) dc and it was a dream for ease. No need for a car, two hour flight, everything set up for family holidays!

Ive heard Santa Eulilia (sp) in Ibiza is similar.

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