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Holiday destination ideas for late sept with toddler and baby

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donuts1980 Mon 15-Aug-16 09:36:35

Looking for ideas for holiday destinations in late Sept. We have a 2 3/4 old and a 4 mo baby.
Think we'd prefer to go abroad as baby hates the car and we figure he's young enough to sleep on flight and easy to hold and toddler old enough to watch some iPad action for a while now!
Like somewhere that is fairly warm but not roasting.

juneau Mon 15-Aug-16 17:27:59

When we had little ones we used the company Baby Friendly Boltholes a lot. They have lots of properties all over the UK and Europe and they're all child-safe and have all the kit you need to cut down on packing. The descriptions of the accommodation are really detailed too.

Also, check out MN recommendations. We went to a couple of places recommended by other parents who'd added reviews. Just off the top of my head you might want to check out Martinhal, Toca do Mocho, Padre Aviles, Caserio del Mirador, Grange du Moulin, Emerald Coast Gites ... there are lots of options in various countries. But basically we liked a group of cottages with a garden full of child-friendly stuff, a child-safe pool, toys, stair gates, and other families with little friends for our older DC.

OneEpisode Mon 15-Aug-16 17:30:37

Baby may not like beaches yet? Cities can be toddler compatible. Where do you want to go? Ski resorts often have baby facilities, indoor pools & good food, but this isn't a ski s

OneEpisode Mon 15-Aug-16 17:30:57

Season! So affordable.

donuts1980 Tue 16-Aug-16 13:13:40

Thanks will have a look at all of that! Any locations/countries to recommend?

Nowthereistwo Tue 16-Aug-16 13:21:39

I went to Thomas Cook and discuss temperatures and flight times so we could get a good comprise. Ended up going all inclusive to Cyprus in late November and was great.

Nowthereistwo Tue 16-Aug-16 13:23:13

Should have been late October

TinyTear Tue 16-Aug-16 13:26:01

Portugal is good at the end of September

mannekenpis Tue 16-Aug-16 17:22:17

I was also going to say Portugal. Warm but not too hot. North of Portugal is lovely and much less crowded/touristy. Great with toddlers/little ones who just paddle with you but I won't be going with older kids as the Atlantic coast isn't very safe for swimming. We had an amazing time with ours.

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