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Practical advice when travelling with a 5 month old

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cms2310 Tue 26-Jul-16 21:41:02

I am a bit apprehensive about travelling with my 5 month old (she was 6 weeks prem, so will be 3 and a half months corrected). We have booked to go to Majorca in September.
I mainly wanted advice regarding prams/ strollers. Do I take the bugaboo with the bassinet? or change it for the seat? I am concerned as this is big and bulky to travel with and also expensive if it is damaged. Would it be worth buying a cheap stroller? But then I have the concern about her slipping down as she doesn't have great head control, however i am hoping by September her head control will be better.
Does anyone have any practical tried and tested advice about travelling on a plane with a baby?
Any other advice that is worth knowing when in a foreign country.
Many thanks in advance

RotatingFan Tue 02-Aug-16 16:07:29

I would really recommend buying a lightweight umbrella fold single buggy. You can have the baby in it for the whole time in the airport (apart from taking them out very briefly to go through security) and take it the whole way to the gate. If you get one that reclines the baby can nap and that will help if their head control isn't great. I bought a snug seat insert for my uppababy vista that cradles the head too. These are fairly universal and you can thread it through the straps on another buggy. I'm not sure if you would be able to take the bassinet on board, or if you would have to check it in. Might be worth calling the airline to check?

When I travelled with my baby at 8 months I took the uppababy vista as I really needed it at the destination (a lot of off-road walking etc). I bought the travel bag and again, was allowed to take it the whole way to the gate as it folded up small. If you register the bag your pushchair is protected against any damage en route, so perhaps your pushchair has a similar bag? If you would feel happier with your normal pushchair at the destination, what about using a sling at the airport and just checking in the full pushchair?

In terms of advice for on the plane, I would just say try not to let yourself get too stressed out about it. No one can predict how their baby will react on the day as it's a totally new experience for them. I have generally found fellow travellers friendly, especially when they can see you are clearly trying your best to keep the baby happy, quiet and entertained. When I took my baby on a plane for the first time, I took lots of toys/books and snacks. I was breastfeeding, so I fed the baby during take off (the sucking motion helps their ears) and then they napped for a bit. The rest of the time I sat them on the tray table facing me and sang nursery rhymes quietly to keep them entertained. Favourite toys are always good too. As soon as the trolley has passed pop down the aisle for a quick walk and change of scenery if possible.

Are you travelling alone or with someone else? Having an extra pair of hands and a clear plan of who is handling tickets/passports/baby at different stages is good, but it is also totally do-able on your own!

cms2310 Tue 02-Aug-16 17:33:23

Thank you so much. Some very good tips! I'm travelling with my husband and parents so lots of hands to help.

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