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cost of living greece/croatia/sardinia

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Grinstead Mon 25-Jul-16 17:05:14

How do costs of accommodation, eating out, car hire compare in these 3 countries? I am just trying to weigh up relative cost of flights to greece (expensive) but hopefully lower accommodation and living costs against cheaper cost of flights to croatia or italy but possibly more expensive living costs whilst there. Has anyone been to both Greece and Croatia recently?

boonducks Mon 25-Jul-16 19:30:43

Just been to Greece so can only speak for there.
We had three rooms B&B in a 3* hotel for five adults. It was a package with flight and accommodation coming in at £2200. DH and me plus 3 adult DC.
We spent on average 60 - 70 Euros on evening meals including some starters, five mains, some puds, wine, soft drinks and water.
Lunches were about 30 Euros.
Didn't hire a car. Taxis very cheap.

Makemineacabsauv Tue 26-Jul-16 01:43:18

We went to Corfu, Ryanair flights for including speedy boarding, seats and hold luggage £500, 2 bedroom apartment e400 for 2 weeks (plus e5 per room per night for air con which is standard). Apartments were great - clean, basic, had pool and pool bar and 2 mins to bars etc but still quiet, Ate breakfast in room, lunch was gyros/toasties etc for e2,50 per person, dinner prices varied from e2 -e7 for a starter and e6-e17 for a main . The e17 was a huge fillet steak that could have done 2 people. Beer was about e2,50 for a large and wine approx e10 for a litre in a restaurant.

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