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Holiday in October - Cyprus? Crete? Elsewhere?

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sorcha80 Fri 22-Jul-16 13:15:21

Hi everyone, we're looking for ideas for a holiday first week of October with a 2 yr old.

Looking for somewhere still warm (doesn't need to be super hot) and within 3-4 hrs flight (the closer the better) but really were looking for recommendations for specific resorts if anyone has been somewhere wonderful in recent years!

Ideally want a resort hotel with good kids/toddler pool and short walk to sandy/shallow beach. Those are the main things.

Other places for toddlers to play such as playground would be great but really not fussy. Prefer big all inclusive type places with lots to do on site but just for ease.

The big ask is the budget, prefer to keep it under £1000 (can spring a little extra for spending if it's not AI).

Anyone had a good October holiday recently? It's so difficult narrowing down!

whatsleep Sat 23-Jul-16 16:09:43

Papillon Belvil in Belek, Turkey. We went last October and it was perfect. All inclusive, booked through Thomas cook as this was the cheapes option. Lovely place, great food and drinks. Lovely set up for children including free kids club. Only downside was there were very few Brits so most of the other children couldn't speak to our children! No big deal for us, but depends if this would bother you?

sorcha80 Sun 24-Jul-16 18:14:21

Thank you! Our little one is only 2 so tends not to go off and make friends anyway so will look into that one smile

Coconutty Mon 25-Jul-16 08:03:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 25-Jul-16 08:06:36

Gran Canaria was very warm when we went there in October half term two years ago. Would highly recommend.

LunaLoveg00d Mon 25-Jul-16 08:09:08

We've booked Crete for our half term break in October (think it's a bit earlier than English half term). We haven't been before at that time of year but my parents always go in October and say it's usually 25C-ish which is perfect for us. Before kids we went to Cyprus right at the end of October and it was hot there too.

In previous years we've been to the Algarve, sometimes it's been hot and sunny, other years more mixed.

juneau Tue 26-Jul-16 08:26:32

We're going to Cyprus during Oct half-term and my dad (who booked it) was told by the travel agent that Cyprus is still 'summer hot' i.e. 28 degrees in Oct. So if you want that kind of heat you need to go quite far south. I would think Sicily, Malta, southern Spain, Turkey should all still be hot in the first week of Oct. The only AI place I've been to was in Lanzarote - the Papagayo resort in Playa Blanca - and it was lovely.

Arcadia Tue 26-Jul-16 08:27:33

Lanzarote playa blanca

sorcha80 Tue 26-Jul-16 09:12:27

Thanks everyone! We are actually looking at lanzarote now, looks like it's still nice and hot but not too hot for 2 yr old and there are some good package holidays available. Thanks so much for all the ideas!

Makemineacabsauv Wed 27-Jul-16 23:50:10

We 're going to a mitsis hotel on the beach in Rhodes in Oct - AI and flying from Scotland in half term and it's only £1100 for 3 of us, Google mitsis hotels and book direct (they can sort out your flights if you want too) as that came in cheaper than booking online.

sorcha80 Fri 29-Jul-16 09:23:34

That sounds like a good deal! Which mitsis hotel was it?

Makemineacabsauv Sun 31-Jul-16 00:45:24

Faliraki beach. Out of season we know Faliraki will be starting to close down but traditional restaurants will still be open. Didn't want a quiet place which would be dead in Zocy with 2 young teens. It's on a sandy beach with direct buses to Lindos and Rhodes Town,

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