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PopGoesTheWeaz Thu 21-Jul-16 21:43:52

I need to hire a car in italy this holiday and can either get two small cards or one car big enough for the 6 of us. For some reason all the car hire places are listing what I would think of as 7 seaters (Zafira, touran, s-max) as 5 seaters. Any ideas if this is correct? There is a huge jump in price to get the larger people movers (galaxy, or 9 seaters). Are htere 5 person versions of those cars i just don't know about?

LifeIsGoodish Thu 21-Jul-16 21:49:28

Although those cars have 7 seats, the rearmost pair of seats are not big enough to take your average-sized adult, plus there's virtually no boot space when they are up. So they do not really work as full 7-seaters.

Galaxy OTOH has 7 full-sizzled seats plus retains reasonable amount of boot (think buggy + picnic + coats + day sacks for everyone).

There are pluses and minuses to having 2 smaller cars. Are you all one family?

PopGoesTheWeaz Thu 21-Jul-16 22:01:12

My family plus DSis and DBIL. Those cars would be fine (I own one so am aware of the size) but am just confused then as why they aren't listed as 5+2 or 7 with not boot space. I got into a discussion with a lady from one of the hire sites and she refused to believe that the s-max, for instance, could seat 7. I don't know if I should risk it or if we'll get there and it will be a will be some modified version with the boot seats out or insurance doesn't cover those seats or something.

Groovee Thu 21-Jul-16 22:03:27

Last year we hired a 7 seater. They gave us a seat Alabambra which was great in size! This year they seemed to think a Nissan XTrail was a reasonable car and didn't get my point of wanting 7 proper seats! The back 2 seats were not what I would class as full sized.

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