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Pirate Village, Santa Ponsa

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gingercat02 Fri 15-Jul-16 17:49:49

Has anyone been? DS is nearly 8 and I think he would love it. Probably horribly tacky for me and DH but we can suck that up for one year.
TripAdvisor reviews are OK but the food gets slated in some. We have been to several family friendly AI resorts so I'm not expecting Michelin standard but would like it to be edible

BarbaraofSeville Mon 18-Jul-16 15:02:44

That Pirates hotel looks amazing for kids and Jet2holidays sells it as AI or self catering and the price difference for your family for a week picked at random in August next year is £435, which would buy an awful lot of restaurant meals, drinks, snacks and icecreams from the supermarket etc etc, so if you aren't confident that the food will be to your taste, you could go self catering and eat out/get easy food so you don't have to cook and if the restaurant looks OK, see if you can pay to upgrade to AI for some or all of the time once you are there.

We normally do B&B if staying in a hotel, but this option doesn't appear to be available, through jet2holidays at least, but it might be through other operators or locally. I like a buffet breakfast but for lunches or evening meals I like to eat outside, be served at a table and have mostly Spanish food.

I don't put a lot of weight on trip advisor food reviews because I don't know if the writer has the same likes and dislikes as me. An awful lot of Brits will not like food that is foreign, with bones, shells and vegetables present so complain but be happy if there are lots of curries, or beige crap and chips whereas I am the total opposite.

DP and I have holidayed in Mallorca a couple of times at a resort where most of the other tourists are German and there are a lot of trip advisor reviews from Brits complaining that the lovely hotel we stayed in was awful and the food is terrible because the food is Spanish and German and 'there is nothing suitable for British people' hmm. The food was great, the hotel was spotless and modern, everything about it was really nice, but because the bread was rye and amazing rustic baguettes, there was cheese and meat for breakfast, along with eggs, bacon and sausages but the bacon and sausages were not exactly like British bacon, they weren't happy.

gingercat02 Mon 18-Jul-16 22:04:25

Thanks Barbara I agree with loads of that. My parent's live in non tourist mainland Spain so we do plenty of real Spanish eating and lifestyle. My main holiday is essential not lift a finger territory. Just wanted a first hand discussion really but thanks anyway smile

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