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My 40th Birthday: Seeking inspiration for unforgettable winter weekend

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QueenofNW2 Tue 23-Jan-07 23:12:23

It's my 40th in November, and already I'm dreaming about it. Grandparents will take the children, so hubby and I will have our first grown-up weekend in four years.
We're looking at a maximum two-night break, and want to be about 2 hours' flight from London, or 4 hours' drive.
We like old-fashioned hotels, gourmet food, historical urban sights or good country walks. An indoor pool/steam room/spa on site would be nice.
Have done Venice, considering Bruges, Krakow, Trieste, Inverness - ideas gratefully received! Budget around ?700.

lou33 Tue 23-Jan-07 23:15:11


i came back from there a couple of weeks ago, it's really beautiful, good food, cheaper beer, 2 hrs from here flightwise, plenty of good deals about.

lou33 Tue 23-Jan-07 23:15:57

meant to add i went there with my oh for my 40th, tho we also got new years eve there as well

alipiggie Tue 23-Jan-07 23:23:53

I love Bruges it's a very romantic city with excellent food and wonderful things to see and you can get there on the Eurostar. How about this one Romantic Hotel .

Goodasgold Tue 23-Jan-07 23:24:27

Please go to sorry can't spell the capital city of Iceland.
Not too far 2/3 hours out of Gatwick. Go floating with your your loved one in the Blue Lagoon-fab.

Goodasgold Tue 23-Jan-07 23:25:58

Sorry didn't see your budget-save Iceland for your 50th.

karenj1980 Tue 23-Jan-07 23:46:25

can't recommend my friends chalet enough.

its in chamonix have a look and you don't have to ski if you don't want to.

great walks, great little village town, stunning food and amazing views and did i mention the hot tub............

fly with easy jet quite cheap get a transfer plus your stay. you will have money left over and i'm sure you could have an indian head massage and still have change of £700!

I am biased though but I love it there.

sievehead Wed 24-Jan-07 20:13:39

Salzburg?? Plenty of cheap flights (thomsonfly, ryanair, ba) and lots of romantic good quality hotels - one of which is the wolf dietrich ( - going there in a few weeks so if you are interested let me know and i'll let you know what its like - good luck

OldieMum Wed 24-Jan-07 20:30:14

We spent my 40th birthday in Florence. It was in January, so there were hardly any tourists. I have also been there in November and it's very quiet there then, too. Our hotel was room and breakfast only, but it was extremely comfortable, with four poster beds, a good view of the Duomo and on one of the most beautiful squares in Florence. here

It was a wonderful holiday - a great to stand in an empty room in the Iffizi looking at the Botticellis. You can't do that in July!

OldieMum Wed 24-Jan-07 20:30:59

Or even the Uffizi...

lapsedrunner Thu 25-Jan-07 06:50:10


QueenofNW2 Thu 25-Jan-07 19:59:29

I am tempted by Italy. Florence is lovely - can't imagine it empty! Must think about distance to travel versus time to enjoy being there. Bruges sounds tempting.

Thanks for your suggestions!

cremolafoam Thu 25-Jan-07 20:03:51

went to Tallinn for dh's 40th and stayed in a fabby apartment with a sauna. was snowy and small and romantic and different
also like Verona if you're looking for romance

burek Tue 20-Feb-07 17:45:28

I know it'll probably surprise you but can I recommend Bosnia... BA are starting budget flights to Sarajevo this year and it is a very interesting, pretty, historic city. Mostar, which is a couple of hours away from there is absolutely stunning (find some photos on the internet and you'll see) and always prompts repeat visits. I'm a brit living in central Bosnia (place called Bugojno) and can also highly recommend this area for some stunning mountains and really pretty villages and towns. DH is actually planning a tours service to take people through the central bosnian moutains starting this summer. Easyjet already do budget flights to Split in Croatia, which is a couple of hours away. Safety is not a concern. The war was over 12 or 13 year ago and although you'll see evidence of it on buildings, it is a very safe country to visit.

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