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Help me find a holiday before I drive myself crazy?!

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almamatters Tue 05-Jul-16 21:12:17

Hi all, looking to book a holiday with my partner (our first holiday!) maximum 5 nights so am thinking Greece/Canary Islands etc in terms of distance!

I've read hundreds of reviews and am being overwhelmed with information that I just don't know what to go for!

Young(ish) couple - late 20s, not into clubbing but will be drinking most evenings so bars/restaurants/nice swimming pool and a little bit of luxury without breaking the bank toooo much is what we're after....

Help me please confused

Applesagain Tue 05-Jul-16 23:13:26

What time of year are you going? Weather considerations might help you make a choice.

almamatters Tue 05-Jul-16 23:15:06

Flexible! We can go anytime from now

almamatters Tue 05-Jul-16 23:15:40

I feel like being so flexible is making it harder! I just want it to be hot!

MoonHare Tue 05-Jul-16 23:18:27

Kefalonia, zante, one of the islands in this group might suit you.

WankersHacksandThieves Tue 05-Jul-16 23:21:10

What about taking a cheap flight to somewhere like Nice, Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome etc? Or maybe Malta? Cuitadella in Menorca? Rhodes?

BarbaraofSeville Wed 06-Jul-16 09:32:22

I think Greece or Canaries is a long way to go for 5 nights.

Mallorca/Menorca/Ibiza as well as most of Spain, Portugal and Malta will be hot from now to September at least. If you don't want clubbing etc, just book somewhere that is not marketed as a 'young and lively' resort.

Lisbon, Palma, Malaga or Barcelona have nice bars, restaurants, culture etc, as well as beaches in the city or nearby.

Don't get too hung up on reviews, lots of people have expectations that are out of kilter with their budget and have completely different needs to you in terms of food, facilities etc, so something they thought was shite, you would love and vice versa.

monkeywithacowface Wed 06-Jul-16 09:35:37

I would also say Canaries is a bit far for just five nights. Portugal or Menorca would be better IMO.

Hersetta427 Wed 06-Jul-16 14:48:54

I agree that Majorca or Ibiza would be better options for 5 days. I would start by looking at the big tour operations (Thomson/Thomas cook etc). WIll give you rough prices and you may be able to narrow down the area or type of accommodation you want.

Applesagain Wed 06-Jul-16 23:38:40

OP, do you live near a big airport? If not, perhaps you could narrow down your choice by looking at where you could fly to from your local airport. Appreciate this will not help much if you live next door to Gatwick!

NewBallsPlease00 Wed 06-Jul-16 23:47:12

What's your budget? Mr and Mrs smith or Iescapes are a good start

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