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Greek islands with a 10 year old

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daffodil100 Sat 02-Jul-16 20:24:27

Looking for recommendations for a single parent holiday to Greece in August with a 10 year old. I'd like someone where there are likely to be other kids to play with, but not crazily-busy. Near to a town but not in the middle of it. Swimming pool and beach. Low to mid range price. Very grateful for any advice!

OnyK Sat 02-Jul-16 21:37:46

Do you want a town or a village?
Plenty of resorts in Corfu that would suit you, if you want a low key, village. Have a look at San Stefanos and Arillas.

daffodil100 Sat 02-Jul-16 21:47:31

Thanks OnkyK - any hotel recommendations?

starry0ne Sat 02-Jul-16 21:55:11

Following.. I am hoping to do Greece next year...LP with a DS who will be 10.

OnyK Sat 02-Jul-16 23:50:08

We stayed at Sea breeze apartments in Arillas and Perros hotel in San Stefanos...both several years ago though. Both resorts have a good range of basic SC apartments and small hotels, low key tavernas and bars and a sandy beach.

NicknameUsed Sun 03-Jul-16 00:24:53

OnyK Another Arillas fan. Yay!

We went there when DD was 7 and again when she was 8, and loved it. The place we stayed at was OK. It was very basic, but spotlessly clean, and the location was perfect, but if we went again we would try and find somewhere a little more comfortable and more upmarket. We stayed at the Kaloudis Village apartments.

The resort was low key and had some fabulous tavernas.

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