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Air Europa - buggy for an over 2

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mangocoveredlamb Mon 20-Jun-16 14:20:11

Can anyone help?!
We are flying Barcelona - Mallorca in August with our two year old, she is a paying child.
On the website I can't find any info about whether we can take a pushchair for her. (I've already bought additional luggage for the car seat). All it says is one item for under twos, and over twos receive normal adult luggage allowance.
I will book the pushchair in as well but want to avoid spending too much extra!

mangocoveredlamb Mon 20-Jun-16 17:40:45

Managed to get hold of them. In case anyone else has this question, an over 2 is not entitled to anything in addition to it's one hold luggage and one hand luggage.

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