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Find me a holiday!

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LalaOne Sat 18-Jun-16 12:57:57

Would really appreciate your advise!

I'm looking for a cheap, short (3 days or so) holiday during the school summer holidays. One adult, one child. Ideally somewhere in Spain or somewhere equally as hot/cheap. Flights from Cardiff/Bristol or nearby (ideally not stupidly early/late!) It would also ideally have a pool/waterpark and kids entertainment and be a short transfer time from the airport.

Can anyone recommend anything?

LalaOne Sat 18-Jun-16 13:00:46

Also - I don't mind if the accommodation is very basic

ethelb Sat 18-Jun-16 20:37:18

Dont know about flights from Cardiff/bristol but last had some great fly/hotel deals to Seville when I looked this week.

concertplayer Sun 19-Jun-16 12:23:59

British Airways has deals from £99 per person on 26h July and 2nd August to Barcelona but from London. (accomm on beach available)
Always more expensive to fly from a Regional airport I'm afraid
However, do not panic ! The travel industry is suffering at the moment
which means there will be bargains .
On the Beach, First Choice will have last minute deals I reckon

OnyK Sun 19-Jun-16 14:43:19

What's your budget?

justaweeone Mon 20-Jun-16 10:18:15

justaweeone Mon 20-Jun-16 10:23:59

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