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European holidays suggestions

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NJJK Mon 13-Jun-16 13:22:54

It is my first posting as OP on this forum. I wanted to reach out to experienced mums and travellers on this forum for holidays suggestion.
I know we are late but have finally reached an agreement that we do need a 4/5 days break as a family of 4 (with 15 and 12yo).
We have never been to a holidays in Europe (except paris-Disney land and Ireland where some of the family lives and where we end up going almost each year).
We would like to stroll on nice beaches and possibly snorkel but not the kind of family who will lie on beach or next to pool all day.
We would also like to have the facilities of some water sport or other adventures that children can try.
A day or two visiting nice historical or cultural places would also be good.
I have been looking Greece and Spain(as these are most popular destinations) but going crazy with so many options and so many islands.
I am looking to get a list of top 3 destinations that can tick boxes above and then see if we can book these holidays in nice hotel in reasonable price.
Any feedback will be highly appreciated.

concertplayer Mon 13-Jun-16 21:07:06

If you want both culture and sun the following may help but you will need
a week
1. Northern Italian resorts so you can get to Verona and Venice
2. Southern Spain so you can get to Granada (gorgeous sun and skiing
and the Alambra) quite a bus journey but worth it Possible to get
to Seville too (by train) or just hire a car . Seville is fascinating but
watch out for pickpockets.
3. The Greek islands tend to be rather small but you can island hop
we went to Skiathos and took a boat to Athens - all in took about
3 days just for Athens
If you only have 4/5 days you will really have to choose either culture or
the beach. In this case go to Barcelona. Mostly culture but they have
accommodation on the sea outside the centre so still space to relax

NJJK Tue 14-Jun-16 08:13:16

Thank you for your good suggestions
I was thinking of Rhodes island or Canary Islands (Tenerife)
My daughter has been to Barcelona before with her aunt and she says it was beautiful.
Italy is also very good idea. Thanks

Hersetta427 Tue 14-Jun-16 09:03:01

Cyprus mainly. Lots of historic sites plus its easy to get around if you wanted to hire a car (they drive on the left too).

concertplayer Tue 14-Jun-16 21:37:01

Rhodes is v developed and can be noisy in parts as it attracts young nightclubbers but your dcs are too young for this so not really recommended.
Lanzarote would be much better than Tenerife. More day trips/culture.
Puerto del Carmen is a large but pleasant resort.
Cyprus is also good

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