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getting progesterone prescription in south of France

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provencehelp Mon 06-Jun-16 08:50:36

I've posted this on a couple of places as I don't know where is best. In the Uk I had seen a private doctor about fertility problems and a previous miscarriage. The doctor said if I became pregnant I should take progesterone. Well, after a year of trying, I'm now about 7 weeks pregnant and currently in Provence, France. I emailed my doctor who said I should take progesterone but I would need to come back to UK to be prescribed it. This would be a last resort if I had to.

I'm looking for advice on whether it's possible to get progesterone prescribed in France, and recommendations on who to see in the south of France? I don't speak French.


franglais1979 Tue 07-Jun-16 14:14:38

Hello, congratulations. did you get this sorted? It might be worth posting on the France section of

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