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First holiday with LO

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MumToBe2015R Wed 01-Jun-16 01:02:42

So were planning to go away, haven't decided where! 5/6nights in October between 9th-16th. Looking for shorthaul flight as dont know how LO will be. Somewhere hot!! By that point LO will be 14m. Suggesstions Pls


bramblina Mon 06-Jun-16 00:36:18

To get the heat in Oct you're probably going to have to go to the canaries which is a 4-5 hr flight. The med won't guarantee you sunshine, but is a shorter flight. I'm afraid the length of flight has dictated my hols since having kids!! If you're not bothered then go for the canaries. is good for searching as you get to choose your flight first then accommodation so it builds up as you go along.

ineedamoreadultieradult Mon 06-Jun-16 00:38:56

For hot you would be looking Canaries, Turkey possibly Greece/Cyprus but that would be hit and miss.

Ellypoo Mon 06-Jun-16 00:57:52

We have had good short flight holidays with DD in May/Oct to Croatia, Malta, Ibiza and Majorca - weather has been a good temp for DD in each of this places with a short flight, either in May or Oct (each seem to be similar in temp)

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