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Has anyone driven to Spain?

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NotPennysBoat Fri 27-May-16 13:45:48

We've got a family villa on the Costa Del Sol, and are thinking of driving down in October half term (we've always flown before but flights are coming out at £900!) with an 18mo and 5yo. We don't fancy the overnight ferry to Santander/Bilbao (although could be convinced...), so are looking at Eurotunnel to Calais.
Can anyone recommend any stopping/overnight places or good routes to take? Not fussed about tolls etc, just want easiest way possible!
Thinking of taking 2 days/1 night wax way to do the journey, are we crazy??

MrsLeighHalfpenny Fri 27-May-16 23:18:41

Have you thought about putting the cat on the train? It's a fab way to travel.

Getabloominmoveon Fri 27-May-16 23:43:58

Done it loads but to Costa Brava, and then only when we have 3 weeks hol. It's 3000 miles there and back - About 22 hours in the car each way.
Is it really going to save that much money? Do your sums - Tunnel crossing, petrol, at least 2 hotel nights (1 out,1back), dinners, lunches and snacks. And October weather is very unpredictable - it could rain all the way there through France so won't be picturesque. And it'll be dark early.
We've done the Santander ferry in August when the sea was like a mirror, but wouldn't dream of it in October. Also it's a huge trip from Santander to CB - at least 1 day each way. Spain is a massive country!
Personally, for 1 week I'd swallow the cost of flights, and get there quickly.

averylongtimeago Sat 28-May-16 00:04:58

We have driven to Barcelona 3 times (getting the ferry to Majorca).
Midlands to Portsmouth, overnight ferry to Caen. Stayed overnight at Cahor, arrived in Barcelona by teatime.
The shorter channel crossing may look cheaper, but further to drive in France and more motorway tolls. You do have to allow enough time to rest, even if you are sharing the driving.
That said, I love a road trip.

SwedishEdith Sat 28-May-16 14:28:36

Which airport are you flying from and to? Can you vary them to see what flights cost then? For a week's holiday, I think it's too far to drive.

Costacoffeeplease Sat 28-May-16 14:57:05

I wouldn't do it for a one week holiday, it would have to be two weeks minimum.

My husband drives to the uk and back (from the Algarve) regularly - he's on the Santander ferry as I type - but has also driven the whole way

Sadik Sat 28-May-16 15:05:57

I've driven it direct, and also using the Bilbao ferry (used to live in Spain). It's a hell of a drive, and definitely not something I'd choose to do with two small children, especially not for a week's holiday.

It ideally needs 9-10 days to work well, but when your dc are a bit older, going by train is fabulous and works out reasonably economically compared to flying (get reduced rates for dc on the train & can often get good family deals).

chantilly70 Sun 29-May-16 10:31:54

I wouldn't drive the Calais route. Too long. We have done Portsmouth to Santander and it was great fun with older children. I am not sure how long the onward drive in Spain would be.

The train is worth looking into as one of your children would be free. Have a look at a website called seat61.

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