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Eurodisney... Would love your thoughts pls

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Enjoyingthepeace Tue 17-May-16 11:58:03

Two children (3.5 and 6) and two adults looking to go for two nights to eurodisney in October. It's not a cheap holiday so keen to ensure that its actually good spend of money. I don't know anyone who has been there! And I'm always very keen on getting recommendations, so I'm feeling uneasy about booking.

Did you enjoy? Do you think the ages of my children are appropriate for them to enjoy? Any recommendations of hotels?

Thanks so much

TheSconeOfStone Wed 18-May-16 16:36:43

We stayed off site last year at a caravan park about 25 minutes away. It was £200 for 4 nights at the end of August and we paid £380 for annual passes, so much cheaper than staying at a DLP hotel. Still had the advantage of early magic hours (well worth having). A hotel wouldn't work for us as my DD has ASD and needs a room on her own to (eventually) get to sleep.

We're heading back in two weeks but staying closer at the Adagio. £300 for 4 nights, next a massive hypermarket and one train stop or free bus to DLP. I know some people like the theming and proximity of the DLP hotels but not worth it for us. If your little ones nap it may be worth the premium as you can go back to your room during the day (my two haven't napped since they were two so no advantage for us).

My two were 5 (birthday while we were there) and nearly 8. They loved it. Me and DH enjoyed it more than expected. I expect your 3 year old will need a buggy. You can hire on site. It's very tiring. We did a couple of counter meals and took our own picnics last time. Food was actually OK so we're having a couple of sit down meals next time. has everything you wanted to know and more.

Rhubardandcustard Wed 18-May-16 16:45:18

Eurodisney is OK if you've never been to the ones in USA. They sound young enough to enjoy it. We stayed in Paris and got the train in as was cheaper option, but maybe not so great with young children.

babyalan13 Fri 20-May-16 20:46:52

Go on disneyland for brits on Facebook!! It's brilliant!! I've booked for December

Kirriemuir Sat 21-May-16 09:48:41

We stay off site except for November when we stayed in the pink palace. Have a look at the adagio at val de Europe. Bus straight to the parks. Cheap accommodation but clean and next to shopping centre for anything you could need to make packed lunches and places to eat at night. Adagio do breakfast too but we get croissants at the shops....yum!

Lat time the adagio was about £50 a night for a 1 bed apartment.

It takes less than 10 mins to get to the parks.

MooPointCowsOpinion Sat 21-May-16 09:52:38

We went last year with a baby and 4 year old, going again next year.

We hate hotels, all shoved in one room, no space no peace; so we picked the ranch which has two bedrooms and a kitchen area in the middle.

What do you want to know? The Facebook group mentioned above is amazing, as is the dlpguide website.

Food is expensive!

Indantherene Sat 21-May-16 10:37:25

We took DD when she was 4 and again at 5. First time we stayed offsite and the second at the Sequoia. She loved it.

VinoTime Sat 21-May-16 11:20:40

We went in January 2012 when DD was 4.5yo. She was still at nursery (we're in Scotland) so I was able to whip her out for a Monday-Friday break before she started school. It was cheap as chips because of the time of year and we just had the best wee holiday. It really was fab.

We stayed in the Hotel Santa Fe. It was basic but clean and the room was big with 2 double beds. You really don't spend much time in the room, so my advice if you're on a budget is to not bother wasting money on a more expensive hotel. You're literally there to shower and sleep. We paid for a meal plan which was definitely worth it as the food is very expensive in the park restaurants. We really filled up at breakfast to see us through and we cheekily snatched some fruit away with us to snack on during the day. Our meal vouchers meant that we could eat at various different restaurants, so we did Planet Hollywood, Cafe Mickey and the Rainforest Cafe. If we ever had a difference to pay and make up, it was fairly small. Cafe Mickey was fab for DD as there were loads of characters walking around - they would all stop for autographs and pictures. She got lots of high fives smile Again, because of the quiet time of year we just made restaurant reservations at the hotel desk the night before we wanted to eat. Got in no problem. The only gripe I ever had in the restaurants was in Cafe Mickey. I had a tiny difference to pay on top of my vouchers (think DD had needed an extra drink), so I put down a 20 Euro note as I didn't have any coins and the waiter didn't bring my change back. Think is was about 15 Euros. When I asked about it he made a huge fuss about it being his tip and how those of us using meal plan vouchers never tipped well shock I was adamant about wanting my change back, which he brought me in dregs as he felt he still had the right to decide how much of a tip I would leave him. I eventually had to get the manager involved. The worst of it was I would have happily left him a decent tip if he hadn't been such an arse!

Free buses to the parks run regularly from the Disney hotels and they don't take long. There is something for everyone in the parks and your kids will thoroughly enjoy themselves. My DD isn't a fan of any 'thrill' rides but there were loads of gentler ones to keep her entertained. Because we went midweek in January we were just walking onto things without queuing - it was bloody brilliant. Make sure you go and see the parades and make full use of the additional park hours if you get them. We spent two full days in the Disneyland Park and one day at the WD Studios.

Prices in the park are extortionate. I bought some Disney Princess outfits from my local Tesco and took them with us. I'm glad I did - the dresses in the park were an eye watering amount. I gave DD some pocket money at the beginning of the week and made it clear that it was her money to spend as she liked, but that was it. This avoided any whining or arguments, not that she's ever been a grabby I-want-I-want-I-want child, but it's Disneyland and everything's so sparkly and enticing for them. I'm glad I had the forethought to do this as it meant she adopted a Gollum-like attitude to her precious money and she was very careful about her spending. God love her, she wandered around the shops looking at everything and calculating how best to make it stretch grin She treated herself to some Minnie Mouse figures and some mouse ears - puffed her chest out the whole day having bought them 'herself' gringringrin

We're heading back at the beginning of December, doing Friday - Monday. We were initially supposed to go in February while her school was on holiday, but with all the problems in Paris just before that, I got nervous and moved the dates. Same as before - Santa Fe, meal plan and lots of fun to be had. Hopefully it'll be a lovely start to the festive period!

Kirriemuir Sat 21-May-16 11:49:53

Christmas is my favourite time to go! Just magic.

StillRabbit Sat 21-May-16 13:12:52

We've been several times, first when DD was two and a half (three nights but there was only one park then) then again two years later (when I was pregnant) then when DS was around three, and again a few years after that. Apart from the first time we have always gone for four nights, I don't think two is enough to do it all with the two parks. Last time we went for the Halloween celebrations, twice we went for Christmas season and once at Easter. We've always stayed at the Newport Bay hotel and just get bed and breakfast. We never bothered booking character meals as it is easier to go to Cafe Mickey where they bring out huge amounts of characters every hour or so.
Eating in the park can be pricey but we found the hot dogs at Casey Jones to be relatively good value, plus outside the park there is McDonalds and (last time we were there anyway) the Earl Of Sandwich. It doesn't really hurt to eat rubbish for a few days and the breakfast options included lots of fruit to provide balance.
We drive over using the eurotunnel and then fill up with duty free on the way home.
DD is 18 now and DS 13 but we are hoping to go for one last "family" visit there next year. We would love to push the boat out and stay at THE Disneyland Hotel but we will have to see....

Kirriemuir Sat 21-May-16 14:45:04

Do it! The pink palace is marvellous.

KimmySchmidtsSmile Sat 21-May-16 15:07:28

Have stayed at Magic Circus hotel...if you ever see the unnamed mystery hotels on booking sites it makes it obvious it's that one. Was fine for little ones and shuttle bus takes you to the park. An elephant was dressed at breakfast buffets, not Dumbo, had to sign the autograph book as "magic circus elephant" grin but was fine.

The obvious reasons to go to Eurodisney are:
The parade
The fireworks/dreams display at close of day

The pancakes, ice creams and big popcorn bucket fine value.
A two day hopper between the two parks might have worked better if busy.
The queues if it is half term/French are on holiday were insane.angry
45 minutes for teacups confused
Hour for a flying one hmm
The fast passes system helped for buzz light year for example but even with FP 30 mins shock
This was Feb 2015.
We stayed in a hotel the next stop down on the train then (Elysée?) Mainly because it was cheaper and because we were going to Paris. We also went to the shopping centre (cheap Disney dolls and tinkerbells) and the sea life there.

I thought Disney was still something to see. My kids still shout we've seen that! when they see fireworks on the pink palace at the start of Disney films.
That and the parade made it worth it. The rides are okay: after a shaky start of two rides in two hours! we managed to do most of the ones for little uns.
Carousel, teacups, small world, peter pan, buzz light year.
Ate at pizza palace(?) It was okay (pasta pizza) but as with most things there, overpriced. Definitely consider taking Disney dresses with you/the ears in advance then you won't feel as ripped off for the £££ of food and drink outlets.

KimmySchmidtsSmile Sat 21-May-16 15:13:36

SJane45S Sun 22-May-16 10:04:34

Definitely go! Before we went (2 years ago for my daughters 6th birthday), I wasn't looking forward to it at all as rides and theme parks generally bore me but we had a blast and I surprised myself by living it! We booked through Disney - it wasn't cheap and I'm sure we could have done it for half the price. We stayed at the Santa Fe which was the cheapest - it was ok as we spent little time there but we'd spend a bit more and go elsewhere I think next time. There's something for all ages and yes I think your kids would love it as actually it's pretty magical for all ages. Key things I'd consider do are:
- Go when it's likely to be sunny. The 1st day we were there it rained all day and as you spend a lot of time in uncovered queues it was a bit miserable!
- Pack comfortable shows, take your own costumes and buy cheap autograph books before you go
- if you're likely to want to do the Princess lunch then book this in advance. It's very popular, the food isn't great but my daughter had a fabulous time meeting the Princesses. Saves queuing up forever to meet them in the park as well!
- if you do stay at a cheaper Disney hotel, book an early breakfast slot as the queues later on are horrendous. I took sandwich bags and made up lunch with the breakfast rolls to take into the park. Lots of other people were doing this as well! Buy snacks/drinks outside of the park.
- Download the app from the Disneyland Paris site which will give you ride wait times. Use the fast pass system on the big rides early/late in the day
- Go early, stay late
- For the parade's and firework show, get there early for a good spot
Would definetely go again. It is expensive for sure but we had a lovely time!

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