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Amsterdam - nice hotel ( with parking?) and how can we park a car there?

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fredfortoday Thu 12-May-16 13:03:00

MY DH thinks that we should drive to Amsterdam!!?? Has anyone got thoughts on where we could park this - any hotels have free or any parking?? and can anyone suggest an ok hotel - does not have to be superbe ( though not a dive) as we will be out sightseeing - we will be going with 2 children.

Also is there anywhere else in the Netherlands worth stopping en route to Amsterdam?


gracienine Thu 12-May-16 13:14:12

you can search on for hotels with parking as one of the requirements.

not sure there's many central hotels with actual parking!! but we were offered valet parking at our very central hotel, it was super easy, a man in a suit picked the car up and dropped it back off for us when we wanted to leave. it was about €20 a day I think.

Bruges is on the way UK - Amsterdam and is nice smile

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