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Tenerife Aparthotel/Apartment recommendations please

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rookiemere Mon 09-May-16 17:48:12

We've been to Tenerife a few times with DS age 10 and usually stay at the Regency Country Club or an apartment. However I'm thinking we should maybe have a look at other options now DS is a bit older as the Regency is quite quiet and he might enjoy a few more activities, but we don't want a very noisy resort.

So the things we are looking for are:
- heated freshwater pool
- ideally 2 bed apartments available or if not then 1 bed plus sofa
- some entertainment/activities for children and perhaps adults, but preferably not a full on resort
- either a restaurant on site or nearby
- Either close to the beach or has a shuttle bus to get you there.

On typing this I realise I have described the Regency grin which is why we like it so much, but it is a bit far away from the beach and it would be nice to try somewhere different. Also the October prices are very very, high.

Any recommendations gratefully received.

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