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Holiday with dairy and soy allergic toddler

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Nan0second Mon 25-Apr-16 17:18:31

We want to go on holiday for 2 weeks at the beginning of June.
DD will be 12 months old and is allergic to cows milk protein (dairy), soy and beef. She's not fussy about food otherwise and will quite happily eat whatever we are having assuming it's suitable for her allergies.
I figure we need to go self catering and probably drive so we can take some suitable foods. Not too far as she won't put up with being in the car for an epic journey! We can leave the UK though...
Where would people recommend? Budget 2k ish.

Artandco Mon 25-Apr-16 17:29:45

That's fairly easy tbh. Just avoid milk and any dairy there.

Personally I would just fly. Go to Spain maybe. It's very easy to buy anything needed there. Just don't give milk alternatives just go complete opposite. So instead of oat milk or whatever porridge, just give her eggs and fruit and bread for breakfast. Things like paella etc will all be dairy free. Before you go you can always write down the phrase saying allergic to xyz to show in any restaurants to be reassured

But self catered is easy and just pop to any local supermarket to buy any basics. Stick to non processed food and you will know there's no hidden ingredients , fruits/ vegetables/ meat/ fish/ bread/ rice/ potatoes/ eggs.

AngelicCurls Fri 29-Apr-16 20:28:48

We went to Majorca with a cmpa/soy allergic toddler. It's not as quite easy as art thinks as dairy/soy is often hidden in things like stock (so no paella), bread (so no meatballs/sausages etc if filler in them) etc. We were lucky, she is a great eater so she ate veg/unprocessed meats etc and we managed to have a reasonable amount of meals out. We took uht coconut milk with us in our hold bags, dont know how easy it would be to get hold of it out there as we didn't look as already had it. We self catered, I wouldn't fancy having to really on hotels for all meals, esp as often people don't really understand if something is properly dairy/soy free. iirc we shopped at the lidl when we got there-which had a bigger selection of food than our one at home! I wouldn't be restricted to driving, there's no way we could drive far enough to get some sun with a toddler!!

Acorncat Fri 29-Apr-16 21:04:52

There's a thread in the health, allergies board about this just now, worth a read. Posters are saying that everything has to be labelled like it is here, ie obvious allergens. I chickened out of going abroad this year with my allergic DS - I'm hoping by next year he'll have grown out of them!

Nan0second Sat 30-Apr-16 00:17:53

Thanks. Yes it's the hidden stuff that worries me most. I had decided we would stay in the UK but am desperate for some mild sunshine...

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