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Holiday Village Vs Splashworld

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bigpaws Sun 17-Apr-16 16:27:38

We are doing a First Choice Holiday Village for the first time this year. Although we are really excited about the Holiday Village, I'm debating whether to consider a Splashworld for next year due to the kids being preteens. Wondering if next year they will be too old for Holiday Village activities, and would benefit from a larger waterpark instead.

Could anyone please share their opinions and experiences? Also, I'm after ideas for locations (2.5hr flight max from UK)

Thank you

dementedpixie Mon 18-Apr-16 10:33:19

Holiday village definitely more tailored to younger children. The last couple of years we have done splashworld as my kids are now age 9 and 12. Aqua fantasy in turkey was good and last year we went o Dominican Republic (longer flight though!). We did really really like the holiday village in Tunisia and went there twice

dementedpixie Mon 18-Apr-16 10:33:43

Which one are you going to?

exLtEveDallas Mon 18-Apr-16 10:37:38

DD grew out of holiday villages by the time she was 9 really, and maybe a bit before. Now it's all about the waterparks!

The entertainment is fantastic for younger kids, but by about 8-9 dancing to "Choc-O-latte" is a bit lame (for the kids - I still love it!)

bigpaws Mon 18-Apr-16 12:11:27

Thank you for your replies.
Could any of you kind people please suggest a First Choice SplashWorld on either a Balearic Island, or mainland Spain.

Ideally, I'm after beach location and a large waterpark. Thank you

dementedpixie Mon 18-Apr-16 13:20:19

The holiday village Tenerife runs a trip to Siam Park which is a big waterpark. It was great for the kids. Think we paid for the 'fast pass' which lets you take a faster route to the start of the get to go past all the others who didn't pay for it!

bigpaws Mon 18-Apr-16 13:50:34

Thank you dementedpixie, but I think a 4.5hr flight is too much for us. Although Siam Park does look amazing!

I'm thinking more Balearic Island or mainland Spain.

bigpaws Mon 18-Apr-16 13:50:43

Thank you dementedpixie, but I think a 4.5hr flight is too much for us. Although Siam Park does look amazing!

I'm thinking more Balearic Island or mainland Spain.

exLtEveDallas Mon 18-Apr-16 16:24:10

You're not going to get much in the way of waterparks in that case.

Sa Coma in Majorca is good, but we found the hour and a half on the coach to get there more of a trial than the flight.

The Saturno/Marte in Majorca was a terrible hotel - the only trip we've ever done as a family where we all got ill. Waterpark was good, but not on site.

I've heard good things about the Portaventura waterpark (Salou) if you can get a hotel attached to that.

dementedpixie Mon 18-Apr-16 16:33:18

It's not a long flight really. Why are you limited to 2.5 hours?

RipMacWinkle Sun 15-May-16 19:36:24

Last year we went to the Holiday Village in Ibiza which has a water park attached. While the water park is not as big as the one mentioned in Tenerife (I think!) it was good enough for our almost 9 year old and we had a brilliant time. Because it's on site and free you can easily pop in for a couple of hours as and when you feel like it. Worked great for us. We also had a swim up room there which I totally recommend if you can get one.

I do hope you get something that works. I can definitely agree with HV being great for younger kids. My 9 year old DS wouldn't go to Kids Club or anything now but did love the football camp and the aerial adventure. The Ibiza HV is a pretty good compromise I think.

Wish we were going back.... smile

SmallLegsOrSmallEggs Thu 19-May-16 10:08:13

Has anyone tried any of the water parks in Bulgaria?
I was thinking there but Sunny beach looks like it might be a bit too 18-30.

Hersetta427 Fri 20-May-16 12:04:44

We have been to 5 HV's and2 splashworlds.

I would say splashworlds if a decent water park is essential but the ones we have been to had terrible entertainment in the evening and the kids were bored and of course they don't have anything like the football academy or the aerial adventure that they do at an HV. I agree therefore that HV Ibiza would be a good compromise however their prices for next year and astronomical (as they have lost Tunisia, possibly Egypt and Portugal) so the remaining HV's are all super expensive.

Have heard very good things about the Aqua Nevis splashworld in Bulgaria. However just being in the vicinity of sunny beach and having to fly with people going there is enough to put me off going.

Which HV are you going to this year?

Hersetta427 Fri 20-May-16 12:14:47

Another good option for tweens and teens is turkey - it has a lovely chill out bar which turns a little clubby later in the evening which the young teens seem to love , a small bowling alley and lots of other stuff for older kids (plus 4 large water slides).

I know you wanted a shorter flight but really a 4 hr flight is not so bad- why do you think you wouldn't be able to manage it?

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