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Is it worth the money for an upgrade?

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oasis Tue 09-Jan-07 13:54:52

We are going to be travelling to Turkey in June this year with British Airways. The flight is 3 hours 50 minutes and we are travelling with a 3 year old. Is it worth paying the extra £50 per person per flight? What do you actually get for the money other than extra leg-room? Thanks in advance

mosschops30 Tue 09-Jan-07 13:59:58

No definately not worth it shorthaul. You probably wont even sit in a separate part of the aircraft (a-la 747 posh to the left scum class to the right )
You might get a free glass of sparkling rubbish and a bit of extra leg room, but most short haul airlines will take pitty on travellers with little ones and try and offer them extra leg room seats anyway.

Spend that £150 on something else.

(Just a tip but I am terrified of flying and always let check in know and cabin crew, most of the time I am pre-boarded, sometimes given a drink to calm me down, and have better seats i.e. more leg room, close to cabin crew etc .... but dont you all go doing that )

Maisymoo Tue 09-Jan-07 14:03:56

I wouldnt bother on a shorthaul. £50 does sound cheap thoug and if you are tall it may be worth it. The flight is only a few hours out of the whole holiday though. We always book cheap seats for shorthaul.

I would expect 3 year old sone not to want to be in his seat that much anyway!

FWIW Some airlines pre allocate the front section of the plane in economy for passengers who have booked package holidays or pre-booked meals. So if you have just booked the flight you may be in the back end.

Also to note that sometimes if there is seats availabe to upgrade to, you may get a cheap one way upgrade at the airport at check-in. But i have found its only slightly cheaper than when you pre-book the upgrade to start off with.

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