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Temps South of France may half term

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omama Wed 13-Apr-16 22:57:09

Found a site we like the look of in the south of France - July/Aug is £££ so wondering about May half term (1st week of June) instead - prices v reasonable in comparison - but bit worried about the temperature. Anyone know what weather is typically like at this time of year? Will it be warm enough for swimming in outside pools or are they likely to be freezing? Kids are 5 & 1 so wont like it too cold! Many thanks.

Ancienchateau Thu 14-Apr-16 15:39:46

Whereabouts in S of France? Cote d'azur pretty reliable but rest of France not so weather-wise though usually better than UK. We are further north and use our pool in May but it's heated.

omama Thu 14-Apr-16 16:39:38

Argeles - Roussillon. We did go west coast of france mid may a few years ago & had beautiful weather so hoping should be ok just bit worried about pool temps for the kids esp. 1yo dd.

Branleuse Sun 17-Apr-16 18:31:36

we went there last may half term for 10 days (took a couple of extra days) and we had rain and wind on a few days and glorious weather the rest. The tramontane wind in that area can be really strong on some days (its even got its own name) but on the days it was windy, we drove into the mountain villages for the day, or just away from the beach really and there was no wind there. We probably had between 21 - 27 degrees most days and were swimming in the oudoor pool (and we even braved the Med.
I think the riviera will be more reliable, but I think youve still got a good chance of fab weather round Argeles

Branleuse Sun 17-Apr-16 18:34:55

Bear in mind that whole area is known for being the windiest in france.
Will you be hiring a car, because I wouldnt want to stay in argeles the whole time, and its before the start of main holiday season, so a lot of stuff is closed.

We stayed at le soleil parc which had a great pool and right on the beach, but the whole of argeles is full of holiday parcs.

What one were you looking at

omama Mon 18-Apr-16 19:44:11

Ah didnt know about the wind - will keep that in mind thanks!

Since my op we've booked la sirene. We weren't planning on hiring a car as we prob wont stray too far from the site/beach/town on this occasion. I like a bit of local culture but 5 year old & 18 month old will just want to swim/play on the beach/do activities on site & this place looks fabulous for them.

Equiem89 Mon 18-Apr-16 19:46:10

Where are you staying omama?

Equiem89 Mon 18-Apr-16 19:47:36

X post!!
I spent many many happy childhood holidays at La Siren. We spent 2 weeks there nearly every year in the 90s. I'm hoping to go back this year with my OH. I want to do what the 'grown ups' did grin

omama Mon 18-Apr-16 20:26:58

I went there in the 90's too Equiem! Have happy memories - hope it lives up to them!x

Equiem89 Mon 18-Apr-16 20:29:22

I remember squeaking down the orange slides and feeling an imense sense of achievement when I made it all the way up the cargo net thing smile

Branleuse Tue 19-Apr-16 08:15:08

if you can hire a car do, or look at local buses so you can go in to collioure, which is much nicer than argeles, although argeles beach is fabulous, and you may want to go and spend the day in perpignan or carcassone if the wind is strong on the coast, because you dont have to go too far inland to avoid it.
Some of the parcs will organise coach trips to barcelona for the day too, which is a couple of hours away

Branleuse Tue 19-Apr-16 08:16:05

tbh, the wind we had last year apparently was unusual according to some other holidymakers who return every year, so iveprobably worried you about nothing

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