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Free child places...?

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AnnaK Fri 08-Apr-16 09:34:03

We are thinking if booking with Thomson who have some free child places available. DH thinks they will be available on all flights if you book early enough. I think they will only be available on unpopular / late flights in order to fill seats? Does anyone actually know...? Many thanks!

ZedWoman Wed 13-Apr-16 18:11:01

It really depends on what holiday you are looking for and when you want to go.

Launch day (21st April this year for summer holidays Apr-Oct 2017) is the best day to get free child places. We have had them for popular destinations (Holiday Villages, Thomson Family Resorts and Splashworlds) for school holidays and for good flight times and 10-11 night holidays. However, those free child places are usually gone before the end of the first weekend after launch and some are gone by midmorning on launch day.

For less 'peak' times (ie not school holidays) you can often get them throughout the year.

Currently, there are lots of free child places for Egypt and Turkey for school holidays...

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