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Any recommendations for a gite/villa complex type of thing?

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Aznerak Sat 13-Jan-07 19:20:01

Message deleted by Mumsnet

rookiemum Sat 13-Jan-07 18:58:38

Sorry should have said they are in Cote d'azur

rookiemum Sat 13-Jan-07 18:58:10

We stayed at La Domaine De Respelido, lovely set of appartments with a pool, jacuzzi and sauna linked to them and beautiful gardens, they are on the Chez Nous website.

Terrifically baby friendly probably no use for toddlers due to walk in pool but might be good for 7 & 5 year old.

JoshandJamie Sat 13-Jan-07 07:19:13

Sorry, that should have ended by saying that they're all clusters of gites - great if you want to go away with a group of friends too but still have your own space

JoshandJamie Sat 13-Jan-07 07:18:19

Tots to France has a bunch of different child friendly gites and if you want a cluster of gites where your child could possibly meet others try these as they're all clusters of

Crotchety Thu 11-Jan-07 21:29:58

Thanks for your suggestions! Looking into them.

eidsvold Mon 08-Jan-07 01:26:12

friends of ours(from UK) run a gite in France - we have not been there but hope to stay with them for a while if we ever get back to the UK.


Skribble Mon 08-Jan-07 00:56:06

Hoseasons have a big range of accomodation in France from apartments, caravans and lodges.

Lilymaid Sun 07-Jan-07 18:56:40

I would look on the ChezNous website - loads of places in France. Those I've been to have all been fine.

Crotchety Sun 07-Jan-07 18:47:40

This is rather vague but here goes - We have been to Brittany twice now with DSs (7 and 5)- once in crummy caravan on crummy site(didn't match up to brochure) and then in crummy gite (ditto). So what to do this year - does anyone know of a nice gite or villa that is maybe alongside a few others so that there is the possibility of playing with other children, but not in a holiday village as such? Say France or Italy? I don't know where to start to look really!

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