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Can someone talk to me about saltwater pools please

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happyclapper Sat 02-Apr-16 12:49:12

Have just found out that the hotel I have booked for our summer holiday in Spain has a saltwater pool. My only experience possibly of this is at the Siam water park in Tenerife which was so salty my DS refused to go in. Would that have been the same? Or has anyone used a saltwater pool and how did you find it?

TSSDNCOP Sat 02-Apr-16 12:52:32

There was one at a very swank hotel we stayed in Crete. I didn't like it. It played havoc with my hair and skin. There were also lots of flies, not sure if that was related but the volume of flies was only in the proximity of the pool.

happyclapper Sat 02-Apr-16 12:56:11

Oh.....not good news. I have rally sensitive skin so that's a worry.

happyclapper Sat 02-Apr-16 19:33:53

Bump 😀

rookiemere Sat 02-Apr-16 21:01:55

Sorry we had the same experience as you in Tenerife. Have you checked trip advisor to see what others are saying or you could maybe post a question there about it as presumably some salt water pools are less strong than others.

anotherdayanother Sat 02-Apr-16 21:05:50

Find out what kind of saltwater pool it is. We have a villa which has what is called saltwater chlorination and is actually nicer than normal chlorine and better for sensitive skin. I hate proper saltwater pools but this is nothing like that.

happyclapper Sat 02-Apr-16 21:59:03

I found out it was a salt water pool from a review on Trip advisor but a couldn't see where to ask questions there. They said it was lovely so I quests it may not hVe been too salty.
I read about saltwater chlorination which sounds fine but if it is like the waterpark it would really spoil our holiday.
Think I will email the hotel.

Scwirrels Sun 03-Apr-16 15:25:24

Sorry but I have bad experience of saltwater pools. When DC were little we stayed in a hotel with one and they flatly refused to use it after the first dip they hated it so much. Ever since then I have checked before booking.

NicknameUsed Mon 04-Apr-16 08:59:41

Isn't it the same as swimming in the sea, but safer?

I have swum in saltwater pools in countries where fresh water is at a premium, and never had any problems.

LagunaBubbles Tue 05-Apr-16 16:23:03

I stayed at a hotel in Laguna Beach that had a salt water pool and a chlorine pool. None of my boys or me and DH have ever had a problem with chlorine pools and couldn't figure out why our eyes constantly stung in the pool until we discovered it was salt water. So we avoided that one from then on.

specialsubject Wed 06-Apr-16 19:51:44

no wonder the sea is always so peaceful....

isn't a saltwater pool like the sea, only with a higher concentration of child urine?

most warm sunny destinations are short on freshwater. Using it in the pool is not good.

Scwirrels Wed 06-Apr-16 19:58:39

I love a swim in the sea and have no problem with salt water pools for swimming as long as you shower off the salt before drying. My DC did not agree, even though they also love the sea. They jumped in and started to play and within minutes jumped out and flatly refused to go in again for the remainder of the 2 week holiday.
The hotel had several pools, one small one was fresh water. It was standing room only grin so I guess the majority of guests felt the same as my DC.

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