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Child friendly villa or apartment in Portugal has anyone got any recommendations

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bothered Sun 07-Jan-07 11:19:11

Loking for the above for three families in July / Aug 07. Do you have any recommendations / bargains?

Aznerak Sun 07-Jan-07 11:57:10

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bothered Sun 07-Jan-07 12:10:30

Thank you - I will email them. How much discount are you offering? What is the nearest airport and how far is it?

Aznerak Sun 07-Jan-07 13:40:37

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bothered Mon 08-Jan-07 10:10:19

Aznerak, was really interested in this villa but there are no flights from Birmingham to any of the airports you mentioned

Aznerak Mon 08-Jan-07 11:56:06

Message deleted by Mumsnet

Aznerak Mon 08-Jan-07 12:27:27

You can also fly direct from Birmingham to Gerona or Marseille. Although it sounds bizarre flying to Gerona (Spain) for a holiday in France, it is right on the border and very easily accessed by the excellent motorways. Gerona is about 1h 45 away and Marseille about 2hrs.
Nevertheless, the roads are fantastic down by the villa and we provide failsafe directions!

Aznerak Mon 08-Jan-07 12:31:17

You can also fly direct from Birmingham to Toulouse airport too with Flybe. The journey from there to the villa is also very straight forwards - 2 motorways and 1 A road. That journey takes between an hour and a half to an hour and three quarters.
Hope this all helps!

Aznerak Tue 09-Jan-07 10:46:46

Hi there Bothered
Did any of the airport info help at all or have you decided on somewhere else?
A x

Aznerak Tue 09-Jan-07 16:58:36

Following on from our phone conversation, I looked at flights for you from Birmingham.
It seems your best bet is:
Birmingham - Toulouse with Flybe.
It departs Birmingham at a perfect time of day - just before midday and lands mid afternoon. By the time you collect you car and drive to the villa, it'll be late afternoon/early evening. It doesn't get dark until around 10pm in July so its a great flight time.
Coming back, you'd leave the villa around 10am and you land back in Birmingham mid afternoon.
At the moment, the flight prices are still reasonable, but the prices will start to rise as soon as everyone starts booking, so it'd be advisable to book soon to get the best deal!
At least that way, you have a super short journey to/from the airport in England and about 1hr 40 in France.
Alternatively, you could do the longr journey in England (to East Midlands), and do East Midlands - Nimes (flights are at present really cheap!) or East Midlands to Carcassonne (these flights are not on sale yet but will be within the next 10 days according to Ryanair). That way, you'd have a 45 min journey here and then under an hour in France.
So, it is up to you really!
Any more help, give me a call or email me.
A x

StrawberrySnowflakes Tue 09-Jan-07 17:01:34

cant help with villa sorry but Alvor in the algarve is lovely for children, the beaches are fab an its very villagy

Aznerak Wed 10-Jan-07 08:10:00

Morning Bothered!
What did the other families in your group decide?
Also, so you know, we have reduced the advertised rate for the first 3 weeks of July, so with your mumsnet discount it'd be even cheaper still.
Give me a call or send me an email if you want details of the actual discounted rates for the dates you actually want.
A x

Aznerak Thu 11-Jan-07 11:51:54

Hi Bothered
I was just wondering if you could update me after our phone chat - if you let me have the dates I can hold them provisionally for a few days but we are getting lots of enquiries about July now and seeing as you and I spoke about it first, I'd prefer to give you first option on the weeks in July!
Just give me a ring or post here so i know either way and I can then offer the weeks to others if you are no longer considering the villa.
Thanks lots x x x

bothered Thu 11-Jan-07 20:21:44

Aznerak, sorry for not getting back to you before now, with a new baby its all very hectic. One of the group we plan to holiday with is away until tomorrow night, Ive emailed her the details of your accommodation. I need to discuss with the other families and make a decision, one of the downfalls of going with other families is agreeing on somewhere. Don't hold onto it for us if you get a definite booking then please take it, if we decide to go with yours and its too late then so be it. Ive told the others we need to move fast but they don't seem to have the same sense of urgency.

Thanks very much for all your advise and help. x

Aznerak Thu 11-Jan-07 22:18:53

No worries - completely understand what its like both with a little one to think about and also on the group booking front!
See what the others think of the website. I am about on my mobile (07961 398737) all weekend so if anyone has any questions that I haven't already answered or isn't made clear on the website then please do give me a call.
Having been the organiser of a group holiday before, I know what a tricky juggling act it can be - finding somewhere suitable, showing it and agreeing it with others and then finding a date to suit, so I'm only too pleased to help out on this!
No one has come in with a firm booking yet so at the moment, there are still 4 weeks available in July - from Sat 30th June to Sat 28th July.
Please let your friends know that not only are we offering a discount, but also we have reduced the advertised rate by £200 per week for the first 3 weeks in July.
Good luck with getting it sorted, and if there is anything you need to know, please do not hesitate to get in touch, however trivial it may seem!

aznerak Tue 16-Jan-07 11:03:50

Hi Bothered
Hope you had a lovely weekend!
Did your friends have a look at the website?
Did they have any feedback?
Looking forward to hearing from you when you have a sec!
A x

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