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Puerto Rico gran canaria

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christmashope Thu 24-Mar-16 16:31:29

Hi there
I'm looking at going to Puerto Rico in gran canaria this October and was wondering if anyone currently lives there or knows it well? I'm stuck on choosing a hotel and would also like recommendations on where to eat and where to go at night if we enjoy a bar with a live band/music
Thanks in advance

Jaimx86 Thu 24-Mar-16 17:02:13

I've been to G.C many times and been to many places there but could not warm to PR. Is there a specific reason you want to go three?

EarlyInTheMourning Sat 26-Mar-16 19:25:09

Why have you specifically chosen PR?

christmashope Sun 27-Mar-16 06:35:18

I think we chose it as its not as busy as the other areas and has a few bars etc
We are 2 married women mid thirties leaving husbands and kids at home if that makes any difference 😀
We are looking for
Nice hotel, sunshine, live music maybe at night

wannabestressfree Sun 27-Mar-16 06:46:33

We stayed in the eden apartments which are at the top of the hill and near the Europa complex. The apartments were basic but nice and the staff were lovely. We went three years in a row.
There are some nicer places down the bottom. smile

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