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Do you know of /have a gite/apartment in Normandy/Brittany with following criteria?

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puffling Thu 04-Jan-07 22:46:25

We took dd when she was 4 months to Bordeaux. It was a bit of a shock to the system and we've had to think about what we want for hols to go smoothly. In summer, DD will be 16 months ish. We would like:
-to be within walking distance of sea and restaurants
-have possibility of babysitting
-cot and some other baby things
2 bedrooms

Any ideas gratefully received

MariNativityPlay Thu 04-Jan-07 23:01:59

No, but you can usually find a lot of this sort of info out from the official Gites de France website. The Departmental search engines vary but on some you can specify one of those Bebe Calin gites that have all all this sort of thing (except the babysitting, which you might well get from the proprietor/their teenage kids if they live nearby).
Another tip is always to look for terrain clos (properly fenced grounds)!
You will have a lot more choice and pay less if you can holiday before mid-July, of course.
Off the top of my head for a walk to the sea, you can cross Calvados off your list - my recollections of this otherwise lovely Departement, are that there are few gites on the coast. I think you'll have more luck in the Manche/Cotentin area, and also on the north Brittany coast.
If you are happy with an apartment as part of a complex, I think there are lots of Pierre et Vacances type establishments in Brittany.
Finally, one other suggestion - the Pas de Calais (stop laughing) has gorgeous empty beaches, especially Boulogne southwards, great restaurants if somewhat Flemishly influenced, much nicer countryside than you might expect, and it is all 30 mins from Calais. I love that area of France and there are plenty of gites/apartments in nice little resorts like Wimereux/Audresselles.

puffling Fri 05-Jan-07 09:53:48

Thanks for taking the time to reply, that's really useful. I have been to Wimereux and Ambleteuse before and I might consider that area.

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