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Salzburg - anyone know any hotels?

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sievehead Thu 04-Jan-07 20:24:44

Thinking of taking kids 7 and 4 on snowy short break in Feb to Salzburg - anyone know of any reasonable - budget hotels there? Or anyone been and can offer any tips - especially low budget tips!!! thanks.

percypig Thu 04-Jan-07 20:41:35

I've spent quite a bit of time in Salzburg over the past 6-7 years, always stayed in Institut St Sebastian on Linzer Gasse, so very central. The closest bus stop is literally a 3 minute walk, and the train station is only a 15-20 minute walk (though it's easier to hop on a bus!) It's definitely low budget - a female student residence which keeps rooms free for backpackers, so you just get breakfast but can use the kitchens (although as it's so central you're very close to restaraunts.)

February is semester break in Austria so there will definitely be rooms available. It's VERY clean, quite quiet and the rooms are basic but modern. You can get double, triple quadruple rooms with their own bathrooms, then there are some 'dorm' type rooms with bunkbeds and shared bathrooms. My parents and sister also stayed there and were very happy.

Writing about this is making me want to go back! I haven't been there for about 3 years but I really want to go! If St Sebastian isn't what you're looking for I'll have a think about other places and can give you tips about other things too. Check out trip advisor etc for reviews of St Sebs

sievehead Thu 04-Jan-07 21:20:20

Sounds great! Are men allowed? Sounds a bit female only from your description. Any other places you can think of would be useful to me too but i will look this one up now. Many thanks thats fab.....

percypig Thu 04-Jan-07 23:09:20

Yes men are definitely allowed! It's joined onto a Catholic church and as a halls of residence is officially a Catholic one (different system to the unis here, v complicated to explain) hence the female only aspect and there is a small cross in every room and church bells ring. However, as a guest house it's definitely suitable for anyone

sievehead Wed 10-Jan-07 20:41:42

Percypig - thanks a lot for that - really helpful - i have emailed them a couple of times without any response - would definitely consider it - the only other place that i could find was a bit posher the Wolf Dietrich - has a family suite for 142 euros, although a bit over budget sounds really nice - can't afford it though and all we want is 4 beds and a loo/shower - would rather spend the money we save on nice meals etc. Do you know of anywhere else with family rooms that would be reasonable in case St Sebastien doesn't get back to me? I have heard back from the Lasserhof but its 20mins on the bus out of town , but quite reasonable - an apartment for a family with 2 bedrooms for 112 euros a night!!! thanks a lot........

sievehead Wed 10-Jan-07 20:47:23

sorry, Sallerhof, not Lasserhof!!

lapsedrunner Sun 14-Jan-07 12:47:04

You need to have a look at (in English). There are 2 places in Salzburg that look good, can't do links but one is listed under farm holidays ( it called Kolmbauer. The other is a B&B and has an apartment, it's called Haus Kernstock. Could also Google them.

Tiscover is the main Austrian tourist board site.

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