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How much do flying to the Med and self-catering type holidays cost?

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Bozza Thu 04-Jan-07 15:20:33

We will be holidaying in the standard school six week hols so it will be peak season. We have two children who will be 6 and 3. Would like reasonable standard of accommodation and a pool but nothing fancy. What sort of prices are we looking at realistically?

Last year we had two weeks in France (Normandy and Brittany) and the ferry and accommodation cost £1200. Is this realistic?

foxtrot Thu 04-Jan-07 15:48:18

You could book your flights now to get a good deal, and then look for accommodation. Accommodation prices for private villas tend to drop towards the end of August when the french return to work/school. A good website is Cheznous, but there are lots of other rentals available.

Bozza Thu 04-Jan-07 19:55:06

Thanks for that point re costs going down. Is it not a risk booking flights without checking accommodation? Will look at cheznous.

foxtrot Fri 05-Jan-07 19:46:06

Don't think its a risk, my sister does it like this for every holiday and has never had a problem finding somewhere nice.

WeWishUAMerryXmasNANappyNewYr Fri 05-Jan-07 20:03:00

we did this last year. booked cheap flights with monarch then booked this apartment

there was also a studio apartment which had a double bedroom and a double sofa bed in the lounge which was cheaper if you don't mind not having 2 bedrooms. here

WeWishUAMerryXmasNANappyNewYr Fri 05-Jan-07 20:03:24

btw that's in spain not france though.

2nervesleft Fri 05-Jan-07 20:06:32

If you have a tesco clubcard you can go with cosmos and the tokens are worth 4 times as much which may help with the budget?

costababe Fri 05-Jan-07 20:22:38

bozza, are u just interested in france or are u considering spain as i have a few friends with rental homes in the tarragona region of spain, near to salou, port aventura theme park, good beaches, excellent golf courses, two airports reus being the closer or barcelona about 1hr 20 drive, u would need a hire car though. let me know if u want any info.

lizziemun Fri 05-Jan-07 20:46:19

Yes thats about right i was looking at various web sites for various travel companies, was looking at Greece,Spain and self catering holidays were between £1000 and £1500 for me, DH and DD although most were free child places.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Fri 05-Jan-07 20:50:32

We've booked independently the last couple of times. Booked flights first then apartment and car later. We are 2 adults and 3 kids and it's saved us money both times, maybe costing around £1500.

chatee Fri 05-Jan-07 20:52:58

costababe- can you do any links to any properties you could reccomend near salou please.....many years ago i went to sitges(yes i know but we had a fantastic time)and would love to go around there again with dh and the children who will be 6 and 3.

WeWishUAMerryXmasNANappyNewYr Fri 05-Jan-07 23:31:52

costababe could you email me -

WeWishUAMerryXmasNANappyNewYr Fri 05-Jan-07 23:41:41

we are thinking about here for our holiday in june

WeWishUAMerryXmasNANappyNewYr Sat 06-Jan-07 00:52:23

or here

Bozza Sat 06-Jan-07 12:07:23

We were originally thinking about either France or Spain, but then sort of settled on the western Med area of France, but may change our minds yet. Thanks everyone for your input. It has helped clarify things.

Bozza Wed 10-Jan-07 22:27:41

I have been looking at flights and I can return including taxes from East Midlands to Nimes for the 4 of us for £340 in August. But that is on a Tuesday. It is much more expensive on other days. £99.99 plus tax compared to £24.99 plus tax. Do places tend to have set changeover days or could we go Tues-Tues?

bettythebuilder Wed 10-Jan-07 22:40:24

I think you might limit choice of accomodation if you don't go sat to sat, as that's the usual changeover day for villas & apartments.

Have you tried You could fly from LBA and you can get good prices on flights if you book soon enough - we've just booked flights to Italy in August cheaply.

Aznerak Thu 11-Jan-07 11:43:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bozza Thu 11-Jan-07 12:05:38

Thanks both of you. BTB, it will not surprise you to learn that I have had the virtues of flying Jet2 from LBA extolled to me previously and it is a bit closer to us than East Midlands so I will have a look.

aznerak just going to look at your link now.

bettythebuilder Thu 11-Jan-07 12:21:25

I thought someone might have mentioned it in passing...

Bozza Thu 11-Jan-07 14:27:47

Have now found Jet2 flights to Barcelona for £320 all in. But they are on a Sunday! Although far more acceptable flight times.

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