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Can anyone recommend me a holiday destination / hotel based on our criteria?

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sweetheart Tue 15-Mar-16 15:37:59

I'm looking to book a holiday for later in the year - our kids will be 10 & 16 so we're looking for a hotel that has apartments or interconnecting rooms as we'd rather they had their own space.

We'd like to be in a hotel that is on the beach and where you can walk into a town - preferably along a promenade or something - not along a busy main road.

My kids don't really go in for kids club but we do sometimes enjoy evening entertainment.

We're probably looking to go all inclusive but we'll eat out half the time we're away. We find AI handy for drinks / ice creams during the day.

Kids love a water park and water sports etc so would be great if this is nearby.

We're not looking to go to any of the Muslim countries - I need a decent glass of wine on holiday and so far haven't ever found this lol

Also not really keen on Greece

loopsngeorge Tue 15-Mar-16 17:26:18

Fiesta Cala Nova in Ibiza might fit your bill - there were quite a few teenagers and there were lots of activities that the 10 year old might like. They did a foam party one afternoon, human angry birds and a giant inflatable waterslide in the pool while we were there. You are a five/ten minute walk into Es Cana which is okay, and a five minute drive from santa Eulalia which was a really nice town.
Having said that, it was a real struggle to get the kids to come out of the hotel at all because there was so much going on for them! There is the usual type of evening entertainment and lots of other bars nearby in Es Cana.

rookiemere Tue 15-Mar-16 21:47:48

Tenerife would fit the bill. If you base yourselves at Costa Adele you're a short free bus ride to Siam Park which is an excellent water park, also they have fun huge inflatable things at the beach on the sea which your kids would also probably enjoy.

We've stayed at the Iberostar Anthelia, which I know has adjoining rooms but is not cheap - it offers B&B, HB & AI. Costa Adele Gran, Sheraton La Caleta and Riu also get good reviews - not sure about the adjoining rooms but worth asking.

Great Pina Colados to be had in all local bars smile.

sweetheart Wed 16-Mar-16 10:43:41

loops thanks for the recommendation - Ibiza has never really stuck me as a family holiday type place - I can't stand the whole tacky drunken English abroad type places which I've always assumed would apply to Ibiza. Is there a walk along the beach to Es Cana? I have to admit getting into a car to travel anywhere is a big bug bear for me on a holiday and something I would look to avoid unless it was for an excursion or something.

rookie, we actually went to Tenerife before - we stayed in Los Christianos which was just lovely and we had a great holiday there. My son wasn't born though so it might be nice to go back. Is there a nice town on the beach type vibe there?

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Wed 16-Mar-16 10:45:40

Costa Adeje has a nice town on the beach vibe, nice prom.

Bahia del duque is a nice hotel.

willconcern Wed 16-Mar-16 10:50:08

Can second Ibiza. Don't go yo San Antonio.

Es Cana & Santa Eulalia are nice & family friendly. The island is beautiful & has lovely beaches. Portinax in the north is really lovely but v quiet.

Behooven Wed 16-Mar-16 19:38:35

Don't be put off by Ibizas reputation. There are some lovely family oriented resorts, the Cala Nova one already mentioned, Es Cana is lovely (we had a two bed apartment there self catering cheap as chips) and Santa Eulalia. We wouldn't go near an English breakfast/Tetley beer holiday either, Ibiza isn't all like that.

Makemineacabsauv Wed 16-Mar-16 22:01:29

Look at Club Martha in Cala Egos near Cala d'Or on Majorca, it's fab! In a lovely wee resort (beach is a cove rather than a sweeping bay) with great activities . Great (sometimes cheesy) entertainment, option of AC, FB or AI and 4 different pools. Lots for DC to do and loads of lovely bars and restaurants in resort. 30 mins walk through marina to Cala d'Or. We loved it!

sweetheart Mon 21-Mar-16 14:42:46

Make is club martha on the beach?

Jujuheyhey Wed 23-Mar-16 15:38:51

Ibiza is a great holiday place for families if you avoid San Antonio, I second the Santa Eulalia recommendation. Also try Sea Club Alcudia in Majorca.

tiredtedsanxiousmoments Sat 26-Mar-16 19:01:07

Playa Blanca in Lanzarote is nice. It has a seafront walkway that goes for miles. A nice Marina and a town where virtually all restaurants face the sea. The hotels are a reasonable price in the summer too and I'm sure they will have family options. The Hesparia Playa Dorada is right on the beach and equal distance between the Marina and town. Cost is about £500 a room for a week in August. Hotel Volcan is on the Marina and a bit more upmarket. Price is still ok though.

Makemineacabsauv Sat 02-Apr-16 23:31:35

A couple of minutes from a sandy cove but it's not a huge bay! Lots of lovely wee coves in that part of Majorca.

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