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Travel insurance for de kempervennen Center Parcs

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hopeonhorizon Mon 14-Mar-16 14:03:22

Hi we're off to De Kempervennen for 6 nights over Easter school holidays. I'm wondering about travel insurance as we will use the snow dome for 2 days ski lessons. Can anyone suggest travel insurance which covers this. Also do people bring their own cycling helmets? We're flying so hoping to travel light.

snowgirl1 Mon 21-Mar-16 10:00:25

Most travel insurance companies offer insurance which includes 'winter sports' for an additional premium. We're keen skiers so we have winter sports cover, but it might be worth asking whether your normal insurance would cover skiing in a snow dome for a couple of days rather than paying for winter sports cover, which would normally cover someone for a week skiing in the mountains which I'd think would be more risky - so you might not need winter sports cover.

We went to the Netherlands last Easter, although not to De Kempervennen. I can't remember anyone wearing cycling helmets - when we went out of the park, even the quietest residential roads had cycle paths which were totally separate (like a separate pavement) from the roads. I can remember thinking that it really was the ideal place to go cycling with kids. We're going again and will probably take DDs helmet, but I doubt we'll take our helmets - and I say that as someone who regularly goes road cycling cycles in the UK and wouldn't dream of cycling without a helmet here.

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