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Now christmas is over, and it's cold and grey, need good ideas for summer hols with a 2 year old.

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PanicPressiePants Mon 01-Jan-07 21:31:32

Come on, lovely summer holiday ideas needed!

cailin2 Wed 03-Jan-07 23:57:26

I think you cant get better that a French campsite when you are travelling with kids - no balconies or drunken louts to deal with ! Some sites are so well serviced you need never leave them for your week or two, but France is such a beautiful country it would be a shame to miss it. We usually stay at a fab site, Camping La Sirene in Argeles sur Mer in the South of France and love it there, this will be our 5th year going back there & we usually stay with These are privately owned homes on the site & they are really well equipped & cater for small kids, ie baby monitor, travel cot, high chair & even a games chest in one that we stayed in. I was a confirmed package holidaymaker until I reluctantly agreed to try France & now I'd never go back to a package while the kids are young anyway!!!

sallystrawberry Thu 04-Jan-07 00:00:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rbj949703 Thu 04-Jan-07 01:28:36

We've just booked our summer holiday. First holiday abroad since 2002.

We're off to the South of France for the last 4 weeks of the summer holidays. All booked independently for £2000 (for 5 of us).

Return coach to Gatwick
Return ba flights to Nice
1 Bedroom apartment for 4 weeks.

Good websites for accommodation


I've been nagging dh for the last 16 years about going to France. Hope I don't have to nag him for another 16 before I get to Australia and New Zealand!!!

PanicPants Thu 04-Jan-07 19:10:41

Ooh quite like the idea of south of france, might need convincing about the camping side of it though!!

Aznerak Thu 04-Jan-07 19:37:16

Message withdrawn

JoshandJamie Thu 04-Jan-07 20:16:22

Try Tots to France

All fabulous child friendly gites and chateaux - all the kit you could possibly need for babies/kids and they range in size depending on how many people will be going.

PanicPants Thu 04-Jan-07 20:18:44

Thanks for all your ideas. Unfortunately I am stuck with the school hols as I'm a teacher.

But will definitely look into both ideas.

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