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Hotel Isabel, Adeje

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Hurrayitsnotdark Wed 24-Feb-16 14:41:27

Has anyone stayed here? We are looking at a week over Xmas with a 6,10 & 14 year olds. It seems good value for money and has good reviews but would appreciate some comments from people who have actually been

Madbengalmum Wed 24-Feb-16 16:48:21

Not stayed there, but can recommend the grand tacande which is within this hotel group and a sea front property.
I know where it is and it is on quite a busy road, a good few minutes walk from the beach. There are quite a few shops and restaurants nearby, but i would imagine certain rooms would suffer from noise issues due to location.

rookiemere Wed 24-Feb-16 18:44:04

Not stayed but had a nosey round it when we were away last year to see if we would stay there on future holiday.

It's a pretty decent location - reasonably close to the beach but it would be a good 5-10 min walk across a couple of busy roads.

It's got a nice big pool that seemed well heated ( I checked as v important) it looked like there was a large variety of apartment types and when I looked through the window at one being cleaned it looked functional but basic.

There were loads of activities for adults and for children. Lunch buffet looked ok but not brilliant.

Thing that put me off is that the reception and main hotel areas were very dark and busy. I don't know if it was changeover day or something - shouldn't have been as it was a Wednesday - but there seemed to be loads of people hanging round in the middle of the day.

I guess it depends what you're looking for, it was a bit busy for us, but DS would have loved the entertainment. There's absolutely loads of restaurants within walking distance so might be worth not going AI.

SheSparkles Mon 29-Feb-16 14:09:56

I stayed there about 18 months ago with kids who were 12+17 at the time.
We were self catering. Although it's not a small development it doesn't feel it because it's laid out in a kind of higgledy piggeldy way, you don't have rows of apartments and rooms stacked on top of each other. The apartment was decent enough, could probably do with a facelift, but absolutely spotlessly clean-as were all the public and pool areas.
Yes some of the public areas were a bit dark but I found this made it quite cool and restful. Some people I spoke to said the food was good although if AI for a fortnight felt it could have done with a bit more variety.
A friend was there about 6 months after me with much younger children and they loved it too, so it seems to be good for all ages

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