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Lot Vallley or Loire (near Le Mans?) - need some tips!

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temporaryname99 Mon 22-Feb-16 20:29:36

We are staying in the Dordogne for a week with my parents and then we are going to go somewhere else for another week just us (me, DH, 2 dds aged 10 and 7).

We've been very briefly to the Lot Valley in the past, and loved it and would like to return, but can't find a good campsite there. We're looking to hire a tent - Eurocamp style, but not Eurocamp prices!, so booking direct with independent places.

The alternative is to go somewhere that is actually on the way back towards UK, so breaking up the driving. I've seen a lovely looking site near Le Mans, but I'm not sure what there is to do round there. I'm interested in rivers for kayaking, lakes, or even water parks etc for the kids.

So, any recommendations either for places to stay in Lot Valley, or things to do near Le Mans, to sway me in one direction or another?

Or give me another recommendation of anywhere between Dordogne and Calais that you have loved that is cheaper than Eurocamp!!

Thanks for any advice!

temporaryname99 Wed 24-Feb-16 13:36:42


Drinksforeveryone Thu 25-Feb-16 15:03:53

I am not knowledgeable on campsites- but twice now we have stayed in the Loire region, near Orleans.

It was fairly quiet - with just a few activities, lake beach for sure - but if you are slightly west there are lots of chateaux and all the other towns. So Le MAns might not be a bad area to base yourselves ?

My all time favourite region though is the Charente. You wil find lots of campsites on the coast - near to La Rochelle or on Isle de Re/Isle d'Oleron etc.

it still breaks your journey up a little - but you would be guaranteed to find things for your DC to do.

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