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Beaches near Pisa / Hills near Pisa

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Thewoodenspoon Sun 21-Feb-16 17:14:57

We have booked flights to Italy for August and have decided to spend one week near the sea and one week in the hills near Lucca.

We will be hiring a car for the 2 weeks but are looking for ideas where to stay. We don't really fancy Viareggio as it will be packed but wanted somewhere a bit quieter if that is possible in Italy in August. Any suggestions?

Also has anyone stayed in the hills near Lucca, any recommendations where to stay?

ThomasRichard Sun 21-Feb-16 17:24:13

Most beaches are going to be packed in August. You could look at Livorno, Cinque Terre (introducing a ticket system this year to limit numbers) or Porto Ercole.

LIZS Sun 21-Feb-16 17:34:35

We drove through Viareggio last year and weren't that impressed tbh. Would suggest you look further south of Pisa, Elba is supposed to be lovely and not too busy. How near Lucca do you want you be?

crumpet Sun 21-Feb-16 17:37:23

South of Livorno,marina di bibbona, San Vincenzo, Elba?

allegretto Sun 21-Feb-16 17:42:28

South of Livorno is nice but the beaches are quite small and in August everywhere is packed! I would be more tempted by a place with a pool tbh.

Thewoodenspoon Sun 21-Feb-16 18:58:01

Thanks everyone - I knew it would be packed but unfortunately had to go in August. I am not too fussed re beach but my 10 year old son is quite insistent.

Happy to go South of Pisa towards Grosetto but not sure where the nice beaches are ... I can probably swing it if we rent somewhere with a pool but with a beach not too far away.... 20 mins ish?

Hadn't really thought about Elba - do you take a car across and is this ok with a hire car and where are the nice beaches there?

ThomasRichard Sun 21-Feb-16 19:51:58

Elba is tiny so it doesn't matter too much where you are on the island. Just a word of warning about the sand (anywhere you go): it will burn your feet if you try walking on it barefoot so take some flip-flops and something to sit on.

cheerup Mon 22-Feb-16 06:42:35

Baratti beach is lovely - it won't be quiet in August though. Nowhere will. Lucca itself is great - have you considered staying in the town for a couple of days? Kids loved riding the walls on bikes, visiting the playgrounds, strolling in the evening and having ice cream. Bagni di Lucca area looks nice but we've never been. We followed our stays in Lucca with Le Pianacce in Castagneto Carducci. Also recommended, with a shuttle bus to the beach.

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