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EarlyInTheMourning Sat 20-Feb-16 17:42:45

Hello, could someone recommend me a really nice resort for a family of 4; this is for Easter, kids are 8 and 11. Many thanks.

weebarra Sat 20-Feb-16 17:45:02

Carvoeiro is lovely. There is an MNer who lives there so she can tell you more about it.

AnthonyBlanche Sat 20-Feb-16 17:46:16

Villamoura? Much nicer than many Algarve resort type places.

MNetter15 Sat 20-Feb-16 17:47:11

Easter is in march this year so is it not very early for the Algarve??

We love Alvor, Carvoeiro and Lagos.

No1HolidayPlanner Sat 20-Feb-16 18:16:50

We love Alvor and Lagossmilesmile.. But Easter is early so weather not yet reliable!

Onykahonie Sat 20-Feb-16 21:01:46

Another vote for Alvor...been there at Easter before and it was lovely for walking/sightseeing etc. Not warm enough to swim in the sea/unheated pool though.

Costacoffeeplease Sat 20-Feb-16 21:05:02

Hi. I'm the mner who lives in Carvoeiro - it's a small resort, still very Portuguese compared to a lot of the bigger resorts - lots of choice of restaurants - happy to answer any questions

ivykaty44 Sat 20-Feb-16 21:10:13

Cabanas is lovely and much quieter than if you go east from Faro.

Travira is the nearest town

Costacoffeeplease Sat 20-Feb-16 21:15:26

Cabanas is east of faro smile

ineedaholidaynow Sat 20-Feb-16 21:16:31

We loved Carveiro. Went last summer when DS was 10. Sea and outdoor swimming pools were cold though, so might want to check that there is a heated pool.

ivykaty44 Sat 20-Feb-16 21:19:47

Sorry that's what I meant , West..

I love lgos and salema, but it has been built up so much since I first went in 86

Also the price of eating out is more expensive in Lagos etc though one of my favourite places is on the beach in salema

harridan50 Sat 20-Feb-16 21:20:02

Caveiro. Very family orientated, beaches, nice people, wide choice of accomodation, large variety of restaurants. Easy access to travel around to nearby attractions.

Costacoffeeplease Sat 20-Feb-16 21:21:54

That's the difference with Carvoeiro imho, the centre of the village hasn't changed that much since we first came on holiday in 1987

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