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Copenhagen in Aug - 3 days in city then driving hol for 4 days any ideas

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Sandgroper Thu 18-Feb-16 11:00:16


In a panic re summer holidays - flight availability very restricted this year and now £££. Realise I have left it a bit late however we can get flights on our BA points to Copenhagen in early August.

Never been before and I want to stay put in Copenhagen for 4-5 days but DH wants to do 3 days in city then go "on a driving holiday" for 4 days? Help don't know where to start.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated especially for the "driving and exploring bit".

We have two DS 10 and 8 if that makes a difference.


tendence Fri 19-Feb-16 22:11:37

Scandinavia is great in the summer – you’ll like it! If you go from mid-August onwards school has started in Denmark and there will be fewer people around (e.g. in the Tivoli Gardens, that is a must visit!).

There are so many other sights in Copenhagen too, and it is very easy to walk around. You need to go up the church tower in Vor Frelsers Kirke, you climb on the outside (!) of the increasingly narrow tower and have a great view (can be scary, but there is a bigger platform further down).

In the same area there is Christiania; a “free-state” founded in the beginning of the 70s by “alternative” people who simply moved into deserted military barracks and created their own society within the society. They had a well functioning society there for a long time, however they didn’t pay tax or rent, so after long negotiations they now do. Traditionally they were VERY ok with light drugs and had people coming from all over Sweden & Denmark to get it there. You can take a guided trip around Christiania led by people living there in English. It is usually very popular.

You can go north on a train and visit Louisiana, a world-famous art museum in beautiful surroundings.

Nyhavn is where people go drinking in summer, around an old canal. Have a look round there, very quaint and great in summer for beer drinking… And do go on a canal ride!

There is a great science park-type museum called Experimentarium, good for kids.

You also need to go on the DLR-like metro, without drivers, to explore a recently developed area of Copenhagen – interesting architecture and good for walks.

There are quite a few good arts museums too.

Obviously, you need to bring your swimwear; there are places to go swimming almost in the middle of the city!

It is easy to drive in Scandinavia; fewer cars on the roads and generally wider roads than in the UK (not counting motorways). You could drive into Sweden (crossing Europe's longest bridge, which is, in fact a) a 4km tunnel b) a 4km artificial Island and c) an 8 km bridge. The South of Sweden is really nice in summer - lots of long beaches, quite deserted, so if you want solitude you'll find it, or if you want to people-watch, there is scope for that too.

The South of Denmark is nice too - you could easily combine them,

I'm not sure if you have any children, and/or any special interests, but I could pass on a few suggestions if you write a little more about what you have in mind.

MisForMumNotMaid Fri 19-Feb-16 22:30:05

We did ten days early August in Denmark last year.

We stayed near Copenhagen the first week then headed across to a holiday park for three nights near Legoland including a open to close day at Legoland.

Our three were 11, 9 and 4.

We hired a car from Sixst at the airport which was around £200 for 10 days for a rather nice Quasquai

We also got a Copenhagen card which gave free access to many attractions including the zoo, boat tour where you go round and see the little mermaid, the big aquarium place (absolutely amazing day out) and free public transport around Copenhagen and a slightly wider area so we parked for free at a train station out of town and trained into the centre. 2 children 10 and under are free with each adult pass.

We went to a little lake and gorgeous castle (again on the Copenhagen card) and the DC got to try on sets of armour, write with quils and do various craft things.

The viking boat museum wasn't included with the pass but the trip out manning a traditional boat was brilliant fun and hard work.

We stayed in a cottage with a swimming lake at the bottom of the garden and the free swimming and boating/ kayaking on the lake was a big part of the holiday.

We enjoyed legoland and got half price vouchers for tickets off ebay before leaving.

Its a wonderful place to go as a family and really family friendly.

MelanieWiggles Sun 21-Feb-16 13:15:12

I second legoland - it's a nice three hour drive (including over the great belt bridge which is fantastic) from Copenhagen. Google Lalandia - it's a holiday park across the road from legoland with a super water park, ice rink, soft play etc. The accommodation is lovely also. Well worth a few days.

Sandgroper Sun 21-Feb-16 21:49:39


Thanks everyone for all your fab replies, with loads of useful recommendations. i can't wait to visit now....

Our trip has changed a bit and we have now decided to do a long weekend (4 days) in Copenhagen towards the end of August. And do a longer trip at a later date.

I was thinking of renting an apartment (Airbnb). Which would be the best area to stay e.g. Central and family friendly (if that is possible). Are there any areas to avoid?

Many thanks 👍

tendence Mon 22-Feb-16 14:31:44

Sounds good :-)

I wouldn't say there are any particular areas to avoid majorly - Vesterbro and parts of Norrebro can be a bit rough in places but not too bad generally. Christianshavn is a "new" area, by the water, which is very nice. Osterbro and Frederiksberg are the poshest areas in inner Copenhagen.

There are few parks and green spaces in Vesterbro and Norrebro, so if you want access to spaces for children to run around, you're probably better off in along the water, or a little further out in the more residential areas.

Copenhagen is not massively big, so irrespective of where you live, it'll be easy for you to get around by S-tog, metro (tube/metro) and bus.

If you find something you consider on AirBnB, feel free to post here if you want views :-)

Sandgroper Tue 23-Feb-16 14:42:58

Hi Tendence

Thanks for all your helpful info. Are you a local by any chance? We are in UK but from Perth originally so used to a small compact city.

looks very easy to get around and my boys love walking so sounds perfect. Parks sound great for them to run off some excess energy. Will also take our bathers - good tip.

I have had a quick look at apartments and so many of them look like they belong in "vogue living"! once we book our flight I can narrow it down, so thanks for your offer of help.


tendence Thu 25-Feb-16 12:55:22

Used to be a local, not anymore! Still have friends there, so go back once in a while.

Well I guess the ones who rent their flats like to show them in a good light :-)

Yes, feel free to come back!

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