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long weekend with 2.5year old

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meatliqour Wed 17-Feb-16 11:35:41

Hoping for some recommendations smilem

Lone parent wanting to take DS 2.5y away for long weekend 3rd week in March.

Open to any ideas, under £500.

I will be on my own


Bonywasawarriorwayayix Thu 18-Feb-16 07:01:30

Do you want somewhere warm or doesn't it matter? Flying or driving?

TBH I'd stick to the UK for a long weekend at that age as the travelling is a pain. We take DS 2.3 to Wells-Next-the-Sea in Norfolk. There's plenty to do and toddlers love the beach.

mouldycheesefan Thu 18-Feb-16 09:51:59

Center parcs

ThumbWitchesAbroad Thu 18-Feb-16 10:07:38

Or, if you drive, take the ferry or Chunnel to France/Belgium. That way you can pack everything you need in the car, which saves lugging it around with you.

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