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Crossing alps on foot with kids

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Katsite Sat 13-Feb-16 18:10:36

Has anyone done this? Our DC are 10 and I have seen that there are guided family tours going from Germany to Italy where everything is organised including luggage being carried from hut to hut/hotel.

mummymeister Sun 14-Feb-16 18:04:48

are you particularly keen walkers then? my DC at 10 would have been bored whitless with this as a holiday. each to their own.

a cycling tour might be better. at least it would be quicker and give you more time to do something else.

Katsite Sun 14-Feb-16 20:58:36

The actual walking would be between 3 and 6 hours per day, so plenty of time to do other things.

mummymeister Tue 16-Feb-16 11:39:03

that's still quite a bit of walking every day. Up at 8 out by 9 walking until 12 - 3pm doesnt leave that much time and what will there be on the way to see and do? but each to there own. have you looked some of the more upmarket travel agencys that offer these sorts of bespoke holidays.

Teds77 Thu 18-Feb-16 10:47:14

What about doing part of the Tour Mont Blanc? You should be able to do shorter days than the 'standard' proposed days and there are a few places where there will be other stuff to do if you want rest days.

BarbaraofSeville Thu 18-Feb-16 13:50:40

I think a mountain walking holiday sounds lovely and 3 to 6 hours walking a day is just about the right amount. Not boring at all (the view, geology, geography, the wildlife, flowers, lovely food, other walkers). Could there be a geocaching possibility too?

In the absence of personal recommednation, I'd just google or look in the back of a walking or travel magazine (Sunday Times Travel magazine usually has walking company holidays advertised).

Katsite Thu 18-Feb-16 20:12:36

thanks for all your replies. Will definitely look into the tour MOnt Blanc. I would love to eat french cheese instead of Austrian Knodel!

Girlsinthegarden Thu 18-Feb-16 22:02:17

I did this as a child (similar anyway) and there was a lot of whining. Some fun bits but I remember a lot of arguing en route.

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