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How best to book flights, hotel cars separate rather than a package , which companies are best ?

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camera Wed 27-Dec-06 19:04:56

we have previosly booked a package but i want to do it separately to save money this year any hints?

ParanoidSurreyHousewife Wed 27-Dec-06 19:36:09

Which part of the world are you gopign to? I would tend to expect to get best rates from different companies for US than for Europe say.

lapsedrunner Wed 27-Dec-06 19:43:35

taylormama Wed 27-Dec-06 19:44:11

LIZS Wed 27-Dec-06 20:26:32

book direct with airline , car hire, accommodation etc

SueW Wed 27-Dec-06 21:06:50

For flights on budget airlines, you have to try the flightchecker on . It's fantastic. If you are restricted by date, you may need to put in a high price limit e.g. 300. If you leave it blank it defaults to £20 and may not bring up results.

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