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Anyone know Denia ( alicante)

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camera Wed 27-Dec-06 14:28:43

am looking at it for a family holiday abroad ( first one) is the area okay for a young family?

jampots Wed 27-Dec-06 14:29:26

its apparently very english my inlaws live there along with millions of other brits

camera Wed 27-Dec-06 17:52:06

oh no not what we wanted, thanks

puffling Sat 06-Jan-07 19:54:42

Go to St Feliu de Guixols on the Costa Brava. It's a lovely seaside town where most of the holiday makers are Spanish. There are some lovely holiday homes there and some nice hotels.

wotzsaname Tue 09-Jan-07 15:01:26

camera if you want a family holiday maybe you would want somewhere where English is widely spoken and UK taste are taken into consideration.
Javea is nice just north of Denia, a mix of tourist, no big hotels along the sea front, so lots of villa people. Its a neighbouring town of Denia.

Also further north is Gandia, mostly visited by Spanish and very nice too. Most fantastic beach I have been to. Gandia is long way from Alicante airport, may be closer to Valencia.

See map Denia Map

I wouldnt stay in Altea or further south, visited and didnt like it. But south is Benidorm is further South and also worth a day visit to Aqualandia Water Theme Park.

I think Spain is a good choice for your first trip, but it is so large you may have to do some research on tinternet to find whats good for you.

FWIW i love south of France too.

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