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Center Parcs "Cheques"

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fingerprint Mon 25-Jan-16 21:35:42

Looking to book our first CP holiday at the Kempervennen park in Holland.
When booking there are options for loads of extras such as bike hire and food etc.
Can anyone tell me what the activity "cheques" are about and whether it is worth getting them in advance?
Also, any recommendations re food? Are the cottages equipped to allow you to cook on site a couple of nights or do you need to eat out mostly?
Last question..if we don't pre-book meals and/or some activities, are you able to do so once you arrive?
Any feedback or recommendations would be very welcome!

ZedWoman Tue 26-Jan-16 08:26:34

We've never been to De Kempervennen, but have been to De Vossemeren (just over the border into Belgium) twice. We were able to book restaurants when we got there, but often just ate in the Grand Cafe (no reservation needed) which did some really nice food. The cooking faciities in the cottage are a bit restricted as there is no conventional oven. There is a microwave and hob and plenty of cooking utensils.

We booked most activites when on-site, although that was before the introduction of the 'cheques'. We just booked at the reception desk and found that there was reasonable availability if you booked on first arrival.

TapStepBallChange Sat 30-Jan-16 18:26:10

We went to De Kempervennen last year. We didn't bother buying cheques and I don't quite see the point. Compared to a British Centre Parcs there aren't loads of activities, but we didn't pre-book any. We were able to book a princess party and bowling when we got there, it seemed people booked near the time depending on what the weather looked like. We spent a lot of time in the pool and also just cycling round, as it's not easy to do where we live and DD learned to ride a bike there. There are also more free activities than in the UK ones, there's a petting zoo that you can just wonder in and out of (as did the animals, the goats liked to roam!)

We ate out a couple of times, all the restaurants are in the main plaza. They weren't great. We never booked, they were busy but if you were prepared to wait a bit you could usually get a table, there was also some evening entertainment most nights in the main plaza. The parc market was fine, seemed ok priced and good selection. You could hire or buy a table top grill which was good fun for a couple of meals. We had the most basic chalet, which had oven or toaster, so that was a bit limiting.

Also drove up to Amsterdam for day, which was good fun and nice to get out. let me know if you have any more questions

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