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missmodular2 Sun 24-Jan-16 17:58:19

Slightly niche I know but we are going to Turku (flying to Helsinki and driving to Turku from there) and wondered what family friendly activities we could do? Are there any nice playgrounds/museums/walks that we could do? I've heard there's a Moominland nearby but am wondering if it might be a bit babyish for our kids, who are 7 and 9. Any perspectives from those who've been there would be greatly appreciated as I know almost nothing about Finland! TIA smile

Helipad Mon 25-Jan-16 16:55:02

Oh wow, Turku! I was born there and got married in the cathedral <3

It is a beautiful city, may I ask how come you've chosen it as your holiday destination?

What time of the year are you going?

There's Kupittaa adventure park, about 10 mins walk from the city centre. I'm yet to visit it but I've heard it's fantastic for kids.

Turku castle should be interesting for your kids too.

The Moomin World is in Naantali, a picturesque harbour town about 20km from Turku. It's in a beautiful setting so despite it being bit childish, I think your kids would enjoy all the climbing over the rocks (it's on a rocky island). There's also a pirate cove, Väski Islan next to the Moomin world, which is aimed at older children.

Since you seem to have a hire car, I'd absolutely recommend the ring road around the archipelago.

I'm planning to go again this coming August, first part of the holiday staying in a cabin in the country side and the latter part will be either in Naantali or Turku. Haven't decided yet!

missmodular2 Mon 25-Jan-16 22:01:27

Hi Helipad, thank you so much for all the info! V helpful. We are going to the wedding of my Dh's best friend who emigrated there. We are only there for five days and obviously one of those days will be the wedding but I'd like to see as much of it as possible as it will be our holiday this year.

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