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Fuerteventura AI recommendations with free WIFI.

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StillStayingClassySanDiego Sat 23-Jan-16 14:12:58

We haven't been abroad for years, I'm a terrible flyer and I need advice as I tend to get fed up with the huge selection of places on offer.

Just the three of us now; me, dh and ds3-16, ds is happy wherever we go but did ask if I could try and find somewhere that he could access free WIFI.

Any recommendations people are happy to share with me smile.

snowypenguin Sun 24-Jan-16 08:59:53

Club magic life is lovely. Free wifi and tonnes for kids to do.

Hepzibar Sun 24-Jan-16 11:03:15

We went to the Elba Sara in Caleta de Fuste. DS was 18.

Free wifi, gym, lazed around the pool on his iPad instead of lazing around at home on his iPad.

He is quite a fussy eater but he had no problem with the food and the selection. Think he only had breakfast once the whole time though. We were HB but they do AI.

I would definitely recommend it and would return.

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