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Prague or Copenhagen with a 2 and a 5 year old?

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Ijustworkhere Thu 14-Jan-16 15:53:58

Hi All,

We're wanting to head off on our first proper holiday since DS's arrival this spring. DD has a long half term break so we were thinking of going end may/beginning June. Does anyone have any experience of either Prague or Copenhagen with little children? Or other suggestions gratefully received. We were thinking city break as I'm not very mobile and beach holidays give DH the wig!

youngestisapsycho Thu 14-Jan-16 15:57:57

We were in Copenhagen, only for one day and night, but there seems to be lots there. Tivoli Gardens is great. We stayed in a hotel called Tivoli (not connected to the gardens). Had a swimming pool and a kids playroom, was very nice and spacious. Not been to Prague so can't comment.

mouldycheesefan Fri 15-Jan-16 07:46:40

There is plenty in Copenhagen for kids. Haven't been to Prague but I have heard there isn't as much to do there. Although a lot cheaper I imagine, Copenhagen is expensive.

theconstantvacuumer Fri 15-Jan-16 07:49:03

Definitely Copenhagen. I find Prague very touristy and very crowded and busy. I think there's more to do in Copenhagen for kids.

BubsandMoo Fri 15-Jan-16 07:54:28

Been to both although not with children, but in Copenhagen you have Tivoli Gardens (amusement park) right in the middle of the city, good zoo, good aquarium, you can do sightseeing boat rides and if you fancy a short train ride there's a really good outdoor museum with old houses etc, or a few castles within easy train distance, all of which might be good for children too. So lots of options. Prague also has an excellent zoo, but otherwise I remember lots of walking/appreciating pretty buildings/museums/food/drink etc so possibly a more grown up place to go.

misscph1973 Fri 15-Jan-16 13:00:18

I'm Danish! Prague is lovely, but I can offer lots of advice about Copenhagen, my hometown. Brits tend to like it, and they all speak English. It's not the cheapest place, although things like the zoo and amusement parks tend to be cheaper (around half price compared to England).

AirBB works very well in Copenhagen, although don't expect it to be cheap.

The original Legoland is in Denmark, it's not close to Copenhagen, but it can be done, either by bus/train or car hire.

The beaches are lovely, and because Copenhagen is so small, there is always one near.

Go on the canal boat rides, they're great. There is a new and very well equipped playground with water features in Fælledparken, fantastic place. In Kongens Have there is a really good puppe theater daily (apart from Mondays I think), for free.

Copenhagen is generally very family friendly and easy.

Please feel free to ask me anything!

Ijustworkhere Sat 16-Jan-16 20:11:06

Thank you all for the comments. That's massively helpful! Looks
Like Copenhagen for us. Thank you
misscph!! Can i take you upon that? Is legoland very far? And what sort of places can we go for outdoor recreation? Although I cant walk far due to a foot problem we do like to get out in he fresh air. I appreciate Copenhagens not a cheap city for a break but we really are looking forward to a proper holiday. Now ds isn't a baby anymore sad we're looking forward to things being just a bit more fun and a city break seems a lot better for us.

silverduck Sat 16-Jan-16 20:25:49

I've been to both, although not with children. Prague has less to do and there are a lot of adults around drinking and some are being a bit annoying.

We loved Copenhagen but to be honest would not want to do it with kids - I loved sitting in lovely cafes eating open sandwiches, looking properly at exhibits in museums and reading all the signs in them, having guided tours etc and it just wouldn't have been as good with kids blush. The amusement park people have mentioned was good, for us as adults but there was a lot of queue barging and teenagers and some of the rides were a bit rickety. I don't think I would have liked it with kids in tow.

We've been on quite a few city breaks. One place I would recommend with Kids is Barcelona - the museums and historic attractions seemed more geared for kids, the zoo was good, there's a beach, good open top bus tour where you can poop on and off and a pleasant ambience most places (less so in the evening).

If you're not set on going abroad, we've started doing UK city breaks with the kids, have done Bristol and Liverpool and had a fab time and are going to Birmingham next. It's quite fun being a city break tourist in your own country.

silverduck Sat 16-Jan-16 20:27:39

pop blush

BubsandMoo Sun 17-Jan-16 07:44:05

Poop on the bus grin how relaxed the Spanish are about things compared to us

misscph1973 Sun 17-Jan-16 11:04:29

It's 265 km from Cph. to Legoland in Billund. There is a small international airport in Billund, so you could travel from England to Billund, and rent a car or take the train to Cph.

I take my kids back to DK almost every year, and they love it. Cph. is easy with kids as it's so small, you don't spend much time travelling. And because the school holidays in DK is July, you avoid a lot of tourist crowds if you go there in August.

MelanieWiggles Sun 17-Jan-16 11:14:12

We went to Denmark at October midterm with our three kids (6,4 and 10 months). It was superb. We flew to Billund and stayed beside legoland at a resort called lalandia for three days, then hired a car and drove to Copenhagen (about 3 hours away), where we spent another three days. Tivoli is fantastic, as is just generally wandering around. Would 100% recommend.

misscph1973 Sun 17-Jan-16 20:00:56

Oh, yes, Lalandia! It's an indoor water feature holiday resort, you don't have to stay overnight. Its very close to the German border, if you fancy nipping accross.

Another very good day trip is going over the bridge to Sweden, by train or car. Malmø is only 20 min away, and it's a nice place to visit. Sweden is beautiful and the Swedes are lovely.

Ijustworkhere Mon 18-Jan-16 16:02:51

Oh wow! Lalandia looks brilliant!!!! Thank you for the info and suggestions. I love Barcelona silverduck but DH struggles with the laid backness. He thrives on stress and finds a gentle paced lifestyle drives him berserk confused. Thanks everyone for the advice! smile

HortonWho Mon 18-Jan-16 16:07:29

Misscph, can I ask what the weather is like in early June? Don't mind chilly weather, just don't fancy English rainy summer weather. Do the kids break up in Mid June through July?

misscph1973 Tue 19-Jan-16 19:49:51

The weather in June is similar to England, not very predictable sad

Kids break up around June 22 and returm to school end of July/early August. The last 3 weeks of July is known as "the industrial holiday", that's when many employees have to take their holiday (some work places even shut down), and it's peak holiday season in DK.

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