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Athens with kids 8 & 5 in Oct?

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juneau Wed 13-Jan-16 10:49:31

My parents are taking us to Cyprus for a week in Oct and we're thinking of adding on a few days in Greece (mainly because direct flights to Cyprus are so hideously expensive in Oct half-term and its cheaper to go via Athens).

However, my worry is that our boys will be bored in Athens while DH and I are frustrated that we can't look at the lovely ruins and museums! If anyone has been to Athens with small-ish DC, or went somewhere else close by instead, can you share you child-friendly tips with me? We're likely to only have a couple of days, so nothing too adventurous please.

girlywhirly Wed 13-Jan-16 15:49:35

Haven't done museums in Athens, just a brief full morning stop on a cruise to go to the acropolis. It was late September and rained, which then became a full blown thunder and lightening storm while we were at the top. The marble steps were very slippery and dangerous. It was also very crowded and we couldn't hear a word the guide was saying. It took ages to get down.

I'm only saying, because the weather can be unpredictable at that time of year. However, on a positive side, there are some very good books and model kits for young DC, which you could use to introduce the history before you go, Greek myths are good stories. The Horrible Histories range of books are a fun way of picking up knowledge. Investigate the ancient Greek way of life, food, dress, transport, inventions, homes, worship of gods and goddesses, temples. Then when they see relics of these things in the museums it will seem much more exciting. Draw comparisons between then and now. E.g. foods eaten then and now include meat and fish, bread, cheese, olives and olive oil, honey, wine, fruit and vegetables, herbs; all have been eaten for thousands of years.

juneau Fri 15-Jan-16 16:37:54

Thanks girly. I'll bear those things in mind.

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